Obsolete Ebs/Drops

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by lIIl_ollie_ollie_oxen_freeIlIl, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Took our (full) clan EIGHT HOURS to complete Wasteland Wilds and we got 3 stinger rings. PLEASE UPGRADE your ebs. Total crap drops. May as well been NOTHING and many need the sunflare bracers. Sorry, but I'm pissed. EIGHT hours for nothing!

    Plus, your ticket system been down forever. Only get "Invalid Session" every time. WTH, ATA?
  2. Recruit bigger players, complete more within 8 hours. Seems like a simple fix on your clans part
  3. These EBs are kinda.. "outdated". People are mostly going for NOTH/GOTH/LOTL at the moment, with it dropping the most event items, crestplates for new lands, etc etc.

    However, if that is a struggle & unable to complete, for any EBs, then you should drop down to something different, like "The Haunting" / "Battle Royal" rotation etc.