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  10. Anyways........

    Now we are through that little blip let me be clear. The point of this thread was the establish a player base for KaW. It was also to point out that the current game's pay to play bias is an inevitable follow on from a low player base.

    A source has advised me that a few months back an in depth analysis was conducted. That analysis concluded that there are about 15,000 accounts logging on daily. Which equates to 8-10,000 players logging in daily. (Needs Checking)

    I feel that this is a good time to point out this game is 7 years old...

    So, those of us who love to play this game, for whatever reason... What do we think of these figures and do we feel that the game will continue or die out as the Dev's seek to chase an ever decreasing circle?

    Disclaimer. I have and will continue to spend money on this game. Not much and nothing I cannot afford.
  11. Devs should start with scaling down gold and stats to smaller numbers for the aesthetics. Too many commas are spooky and intimidating.

    I'd rather see them beef up quest payouts.
  12. 275 new accounts created in the last week. I doubt 1% are still active.
  13. Nice stat. Where did you get it from ?
  14. Mid Event update.

    309 event tokens.
    Rank 19,277

    I had to hit an EB to get some gold and transfer an ally from this account due to a little scuffle im involved in.
  15. And how many of those r alts
  16. Forum > Members
  17. That number only tells you how many players joined the forum, not necessarily how many new players started playing. Some players will go days, weeks or even months without logging into the forum.
  18. Thanks for clarifying that Drgn
  19. Lots im guessing