Notification request War time move

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Alts, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Can you send notifications when you change the war clock plz ?

    2 times i lost my EE because war clock has changed :(
  2. Or just pay attention. :)
  3. its not difficult to inform ppl when something move...
  4. Nor is it difficult to pay attention to war times.
  5. OP is right.
  6. when you war every week, you know exactly when you need to cast... if something change, they need to inform ppl

    i am not here for cry, i just want a new feature for a better game ;)
  7. Or you can war more than once a week to keep it fresh, that works too.

  8. Maybe he can't?
  9. Unless you work 6 days a week and get loved on twice a week, why not?
  10. its stupid to try to debate about that, i war when i have time.

    i just ask about some notifications ;)
  11. Love you babe.

  12. Obvious answer.. Just because he has free time, doesn't mean that he has the ability to Move that free time around to suit war times.

    I have hours free every week, yet I can't do any wars unless I stay up till 4am.
  13. Ugh, catfish.
  14. Harden up princess, I have maybe 2 wars that are viable for me to do each week, and sometimes I can't even get to those. So quit whining and war more often.
  15. I don't get why people Don't understand this^

    Can't come up with new ideas to liven up the game more and trample on ideas of other who try.
    Like a Bunch of crabs in a box...
  16. 1. It's not new
    2. It's not needed
    3. If you read the thread is filled with valid points
  17. where ???
  18. ^ In announcements regarding Daylight Savings Time.
  19. oki we need just some more notifications and we are fine ️