NOTH Blitz (Side Legend)

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  1. Post here if your clan is hosting a NOTH Blitz!

    Please include the clan name, date, time, and time zone

    - For those of you that don’t know, the side legend for the NOTH eb eventually leads you to a time trial. I am struggling to finish this side legend because my current requirement is to finish NOTH within 2 HOURS. That means the eb has to finish before 10:00:00. Most clans barely doing that require 2bill to join. It is going to be required that clans organize an xstal blitz, and what better way than through forums. That way you can recruit some wondering mercs like myself!

  2. Support because I’m having trouble finding a clan doing fast enough noth. I just left a clan because after 6 hours, they were still in ph1.
  3. Clans need to think more on having a full clan and having all members active instead of thiking CS is the main thing to be able to finish in 2 hrs. Make CS more reasonable is what it should be instead of being some outrageous CS.
  4. I’ve always hated the min CS rule. Would you rather an active and recruiting 100m member or a member that is gonna join, unload once and then afk the rest of the battle
  5. A lot of the time the stat requirement inflates for main bar mercs. Aside from that, most clans seem to be very reasonable. The clan hopping is really what killed it. That’s why we must all rely on mercs for the mean time as we adapt! I created this thread to adapt to the current style of game play. This is currently the only way we are all going to be able to work together to get this side legend completed for the majority of the community.
  6. Personally, doing a noth blitz makes no sense. Unless you have two clans running goth and noth constantly. So people can jump back and forth.

    20 noths. Is a pretty ridiculous mission. As it only drops one part

    But over clan requirements. The honest truth is. Stats is valued higher than loyalty. Hence: why so many people jump between clans. Along with longer Ebs. Force people to be impatient and they choose to just hop from one ending eb to another.

    There’s no structure to support clans. So a lot play it as a solo
  7. Doing a NOTH Blitz makes nothing BUT SENSE. You currently only see the 20 NOTH legend, you have not yet unlocked the 2 hour NOTH time trial. Go ahead and tell me what clan you are joining to complete NOTH in less than 2 hours...

    There is too much nonsense going on here and it’s derailing my thread.

    We need to work together as a community to get these legends completed!
  8. I literally completed the 20 noth requirement in 2 days roughly and I’m counting sleep times. I actually hit 10 day one of event and hopped until I got the last few , I’m down to the 2hr noth requirement . Honestly if you pay attention to which clans are most active on average you can time your jumps and be 100% active beyond mb and still complete eb in 2ish hours from joining. I get in about 1-4 unloads without xtal and unless I’m trying to boost a particular set of items collected I generally don’t xtal. I don’t even need noth anymore besides the side legend bc I collected enough bolts to max out event with corresponding goth items so now I’m hopping for goth only and will only look for mb to speed things along .

  9. Clan loyalty died with the birth of the replay action button some 5-6 years ago
  10. Wait, you don’t think you can complete this side legend by joining late and finishing the rest within 2 hours, right?
  11. I guess I made the post too early. Not everyone understands yet 