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  1. I've been farming some plotless hansels (as I am wont to do) and I noticed a few things off about the way pots are still effective despite the lands and items largely outstripping them in value.

    1) Add another 10% pay if the victim has full pots. Once they lose them that % is lost.

    *) Pots cause losses at a larger percentage than their stats would infer. That must mean that the numbers that the pots add are before multipliers because I'm hitting a Hansel that's a profile clearly 4x my size, but as a mixed build I should have 100% wins on players witch have full pots. This isn't the case.

    4) Full pot attacks are only approximately 50% more effectiveness than no pots. That means if I had 10 losses on a full bar on a guy with full pots by attacking with no pots and I use full pots to attack a second time once we regen I'll get 5 losses.

    7) defense pots are worth the money if you have farmers on you. You're worth more cash to them per win, but the losses they incur in busting through your pots reduces their overall wins.

    87) If this is true for BC accounts as I suspect it is than I must assume pots are the only items in the game which have remained balanced, but keep in mind their fixed values are not correct. They're hitting a multiplier somewhere in the win/loss computation.

    Feel free to add constructive commentary or test numbers. Let's not turn this one into a troll thread again though. Save your hate for attacking me instead of tweeting your feelings about how you're relevant and I'm not. Absolutely no one cares about that and we can assuredly find better ways to lose brain cells than read that regurgitation.
  2. i always thought it worked like

    you have full defense pots

    i have full atk pots

    so they cancel eachother out. but alas i am big noob so idk
  3. 1,*,4,7,87

    great list.
  4. Ty beri helpful
  5. The only thing I can think of that might throw you off is achievement bonuses..? Though Ive no idea how much bonus is possible there maybe its causing some deviation if your adding bfa and all that stuff right which I dont think is the issue at all.. Interesting stuff though thanks for sharing. I wasn't sure if pots were affected by dynamic stat bonuses good to know its "thought" that they dont xD
  6. This is how I want think it still works.
  7. By all means try this same test. If someone is a Hansel they are here to make money in EB. Just farm the 1000 pots they have off them and write down the pay the have for your first hit when they have full pots and when they don't. 

    Alternatively have an alt and hit yourself. Hansels have slightly different permissions on who can hit them because of their builds, but trying this on any account vs any account should yield the same results I would think.

    I've always known potted players pay more. I remember putting that on people's walls in 2010 so this isn't new math at all. I have just never seen it listed as a tidbit on forums.
  8. Fully potted accounts do pay more per hit, but in kaw now pots are almost useless imo, I never use sap pots Bc I can steal quicker without. Spy defence pots also do very little to stop my steals also.
  9. They burn more troops and spies until you hit a point where your strength so far outweighs the enemies defense then you incur same loses as hitting eb.
  10. This might be where I am because I'm only highlands complete. I'm hitting players 4x my size though. It's nuts to me that players with hroarfrost complete then a smattering of other buildings pay better when they're potted.

    But a Hansel with pots still gets a good 10% win defenses if potted against me hitting with all pots. That's why I thought the multiplier for the win/loss formula was skewed.

    Look, we all send 7 brazillion elf ninjas to get caught by 1 wandering villager. We know this math is nutty. I just want to get a grip on what their algebra is so I can exploit it to war.
  11. Ain't this the truth
  12. How about equipment? Did you take it in consideration? You have around 140mil attack bonus from equipment. A player 4x your size can easily have 4-500mil defense bonus from equipment. That means 250-350mil difference between your attack and his defense. Or 5-7mil cs. Static!