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  1. Pallumen lands: plates are amazing 6.8Q from destroying lvl 8 for 200 plates - for a comparison it takes 199 fs plates to lvl a building to 8 and destroying gives under 1Q


    It’s more efficient to lvl a pallumen building with plates and destroy it and use the gold for a fs building than hopping for fs plates. This has a major assumption that pallumen plates and fs plates have the same drop rate and it doesn’t seem like they’re much different.

    Then, I should only hit noth and aota when hopping. Note this is purely what I think is best for me - some people have value gained from hitting goth since it progresses the main legend. I personally choose to sit in premium clans so I usually don’t have issues with main legends. Also, hitting goth helps progress eb’s faster for your home clan, something I could do a lot better at :)

    Standard of the Golden Reaper - 1 pal shard is 6.8t - avg 1 shard per full bar of steals - so far seems like a no brainer for my tank - one spy bar is worth far less than 6.8t gold (even double cruxed on htr) so time to find some inactive account with low spy defense and farm them hard :)

    Bfa in KA wars - because of how much gold you can get from plates, you actually

    lowland wars.. need an updated guide - now there are lots of high adt low sdt tanks that cast and it seems like that’s a nash equilibrium - which is terrible news - let’s try to get more ps1 to cast - will need a lot of external pressure but the war community is small enough that i can handle it. I will try to cast wars 4,8,12 and wc but I do work and often will have conflicting meetings
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  2. Umm just use trader tokens to buy FS plates it would be kinda silly to destroy a level 8 pp building to spend the gold on FS building upgrades..
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