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  1. B2B HTE/ GOTH and LOTL rotations doesnt count as "OSW". :roll: When is Apoc gonna reveal their fairy Alliance with Sucker Punch :lol: I see your leaders sitting in there more and more often each event

    P.S. You aren't the only ones who can post forums with statless alts
  2. Support

    people really need to shutup with all the fairy talk. Show me one person who "doesn't do ebs"... by all means
  3. purleeease - its old man rotation thank you very much
  4. Maybe there is a few but you're right fact is if you wanna grow and be competitive you have to hit EB's.
  5. There's no such thing as osw anymore or osw clans. ....people only pvp these days for events or pull a strip to beat there chest and run to forums and wc to shout about it.

    It's a different type of game to what it used to be.

    Now take your pathetic alt and shhhhhuuuuddddduuuuupppppp
  6. Thanks grizz. you nailed it right on the head, eb's are a essential part for anyone who wanna be competitive. There are some genuine peaceful "fairies" but too many gd peeps would mash anyone wanna bully em. <~ and gd
  7. Isn't sucker punch a neutral clan? Where all members from both sides can join without having any issues?
  8. Ok. Agreed I will refrain from using the term "fairy" in the future. But, it seems many in the appc alliance have digressed from an OSW and then simply sit somewhere with an apoc banner hitting EBs. (not necessarily even in an apoc clan)

    I do just have to say one last thing.. Its not necessarily the people commenting here Im calling out, actually most of the ones I have in mind have probably never read a forum post in their years of KaWing much less put the effort into making one themselves. So no offense to the real warriors in apoc, but you guys have some real idiots you allow to use your banners and call themselves apart of your alliance.
  9. That is some gd stuff. Much respect nomad
  10. That is one sexy screenshot
  11. I can see your gold *moon face*
  12. As the enemy becomes less and less, the necessity to be in one clan begins to cease. When you see large amounts of apoc players roaming around, you know who is winning. Either that or theres no inc or repercussions so why not.

    Its well known that there are users who have accs on both sides of the alliances.

    This osw is kinda like King Harlus/ any other (king Ragnar) / etc. This part of the "war" is purely for honor/ the sake of honor

    Also many who are still in the osw have developed relations with their counters, potentially allowing for biased relationships. Ever hear the expression,

    "keep your friends close but your enemies closer"
  13. He knows how it goes.
  14. I agree with this totally, but I also believe that there are a decent amount of fairies who joined Apoc with the sole intention of leeching premium EBs off them under the guise of needing funds, and could do so because they're almost guaranteed safety there.

    If the tides suddenly turned on Apoc, it'd be interesting to see how many people that snuck in during their period of dominance suddenly disappeared, like many did when ZAFT initially got hit.
  15. i think he means jules which is apocs train clan :lol:
  16. yes agree apoc could if they really want all members sit in home clan for a day or two and pin zaft, they have the numbers, this will break their enemy for sure, atleast most of them but its no longer about pinning enemies. Osw clan these day just strip to show they winning thats all.
  17. @Vengeance- So true! definitely thinkin below the surface, great perspective
  18. You have no idea what you are talking about :lol: :lol: