Not receiving Golden boars rewards yet being a Golden Boar

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by SneezHead, Mar 17, 2016.

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  1. I joined a week ago, bought the letter of conscription and got assigned to the golden boars. i have not received any rewards for the golden boars. if there was a cutoff date for receiving the rewards why wouldn't you be told when you bought the letter that you would not be eligible for the rewards. I was very much looking forward to the extra rewards and was excited about it. Now I am very disappointed. Also was the points that i made for the golden boars counted in the end result? if so how could i not be a reward recipient, having contributed to the win. Either way... disappointed!
  2. Shut up. You was a owl.

    Joking. Accounts created after 3th March get no faction reward.
  3. i got 1K silvers boi
  4. Me2 yay!
  5. 1250 bars
  6. Like Vlad said, accounts created after the 3rd of March were not eligible for faction rewards. This was done to stop people from making alts, ending up on the winning team and getting the 500 bars. This was clearly explained on the forums in the event thread.

    If your account was made before then and you didn't get rewards then email the devs
  7. Account hasn't been active for 30 days, was created after March 3rd.
  8. ur Lowland is completed 8 days ago. which means that u created the account 8 days ago. Don be a troll lol.
  9. Thats not true  i wanted to kickstart my alt so i got the letter went straight into golden boars 2 days ago and got the 500 bars crux 2 hc and inferno aqua and something else but i cant tell the name or he will be vollied to 200b and i dont wish to sell the bars but i got him in the 20-50b region for a 6mcs acc yaaay
  10. Answered nicely.
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