NOOBS in private message 

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  1. Ever do an epic battle an have a full blue bar and an empty bar? Ever park your extra troops in the battle button? Well this noob wants all your extra hits. You see he's still learning that this is a war... Anyone who wouldn't mind showing him what war means please throw a few hits his way(; and until you see him post in this forum that he's done being a noob then please please feel free to give him all your extra units

    Jax_teller: you got a problem with me?

    Me: Ummm no... You followed me...

    Jax_teller:you hit my account.

    Me: Ohhh yeah. It's a war game. Want me to keep hitting you or something?:p haha. Nah I just hit a few people. Full troops eb is all spy.

    Jax_teller:you obviously don't know who I am or you wouldn't be so confident in your inability to think
    (I'm sure he's important)

    Me:Hahaha! Lol man I was just spitting out troops. I only hit people twice and you are the only one with small enough balls to cry about it. Hit me back a couple times or not. Either way stop crying.

    Jax_teller: now you can apologize now or when I get home my next biggest account can show you who I am

    Me:And I will return to my home clan and we'll farm the crap out of you. 3 hits is farming. Less and I don't need to apologize

    Jax_teller:your home clan? bring it then

    Me:Are you really going to do this? lol

    Jax_teller:I'll show you that you ****** with the wrong one
    Jax_teller: home clan name?

    Me:Haha. Nah I'll keep that info to myself for the time being. But when you wake up stripped and naked you can look at our names in your news feed. Or you can grow a pair and let it go

    Jax_teller:as I thought u have no home clan pot up Lil man 

    Me:Haha. Go for it. But I'm not going to give you there name so you can get first punch we are the KOM acronym of corse. But you'll know what it stands for soon enough

    Jax_teller:then you posted on my wall? how stupid are u? friends will have a good time taking your gold

    Me:You really are a noob aren't you? Dude! 2 hits!!! LMBO! I didn't know you where such a noob to cry over 100 mill gold.

    Jax_Teller:thing is I put ppl in there place and you my friend are up next

    Me:I did what exactly? It's interesting to know you have such a small **** that you feel the need to flop your ego around in a game like this I know a plastic surgeon who can fix that for you

    Jax_Teller:keep laughing the fun stops in a second
  2. His mains name is "dodol01"