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    [title=green white]okay, this is EPIC[/title]

    alright gamers time to rise up
    this thread isnt about

    ok maybe you could say its about ata because this is their game and im posting a thread to a game owned and managed by them so i suppose you could make the argument that this thread is about them but thats beside the point

    let me show you what this is really about :glassescoolface:

    oh yes

    seriously guys these forums are disgusting if toast or benny were to see this they would be ashamed and atacharlie especially we have to fix this :laughingcryingemoji:

    comment your favorite kingdoms at war character/monster/person/lore below!!

    hey lone this is the next thread you were writing so dont put this in the thread you were making before this

    OSW and Charms

    Come on devs, seriously? This is actually my 748th no match! I’ve been playing this game for 8 consecutive years, and still I get a no match? Show some respect for the OG players, please! Can we bring back pwars? They were SO much better than what KaW has devolved into! Anyone remember pwars??? You ain’t a real kaw player if you don’t remember pwars! Any real kaw player loves and remembers pwars.
    And charms?!?! Come on KaW! I don’t know if you realized, but this isn’t PIMD. Sorry to say, but your trading and charms systems have completely ruined everything about this game that made us not want to play PIMD. Upvotes to the left.

    if anyone can read this please help me
  2. looking to trade for left room pink futon will give mattress
  3. Low effort thread #lock
  4. sorey devs wont lock this they know im right xDD
  5. So what’s the subject?
  6. well i actually would like to know about more popular kaw lore
  7. And the rest of us want to see your thread locked and moved to the trash bin where it belongs.
  8. i am very angry

    i suppose i should have kept in mind that intellectual individuals such as slumber do not enjoy threads such as these, and would prefer a politcal thread or one about charms. my apologies

    fear naught kaw, for i will revive forums. i will not let you suffer

  9. As angry as your Mom when she gave birth to you?
  10. holy moly that was a zinger.
    retirement thread next boys.
    just got schooled by mr 3 brain cells
  11. I wouldn't bother if I were you, looking at your history with forum threads they're all an equal level of trash, just retire quietly there's no need for a useless flouncy I'm quitting thread.
  12. coming from the useless troll whos only whined whinged and complained for all 26 of his forum posts.

    give it a lock boys now that slumbers here this thread really needs to be destroyed

    edit: ok maybe dont lock it toast helped me
  13. It needed to be destroyed before you even pressed the submit button, next time put some real effort in kiddo.
  14. What. The hell...
  15. finally someone understands
  16. In order:

    Has been for years, thanks. But we keep plugging along regardless 

    How about the theory that lv3 forges are basically torture sweatshops or whatever, surrounded by the graves of those who have died working in them? That's my favorite lore, even if unconfirmed. I'll try to find an ss later.

    You're beyond help probably, but good luck!
  17. toast youve actually helped me that was unexpected thank you very much

    if anyone has information like toast described i would very much like to hear it
  18. Found it lol

    I wish I'd saved the rest of the post. Good stuff.
  19. We are still waiting for the retirement thread
  20. So basically forges are a crematorium ....