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  1. Can we have ebs that drop nobs to
  2. How about we just get free endless hte and zta
  3. Support for option 2
  4. I support the support for option 2
  5. I support that
  6. I like it
  7. When failing goes right
  8. Support to both of the ideas
  9. Support both options
  10. yes. im sure this well written, detailed, thorough thread has convinced the developers.

    you did it.
  11. Quest for nobs like the rest of us and STFU
  12. 10/10 agreed
  13. lol ...everybody always mentioning getting rid of HTE but it wouldnt fix anything, with the disparity between large/small players as it is now it would make it worse or even kill KAW altogether. Making it free would actually help fix the disparity and i doubt it would drop overall spending. The big spenders will just divert HTE seal money to xtals. ATA would prob get a bump in spending, at least for a short time, if they did make it free ...all the smalls would feel empowered and im sure spending would increase least briefly

  14. lol ...yould have to put some kind of limit on it though ild imagine 
  15. I was trolling and you took me serious rip
  16. Support for option 2
  17. Idiot no one takes you seriously you're the 1st one to mention getting rid of HTE?  least come up with your own name/persona the real Salty was so much funnier you're humor is tedious at best ...loser 
  18. Support both first 2 comments lol
  19. Troppus