Nobs for building changes

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  1. Allow nobility points to be used to buy buildings switches, I would say a reasonable price would be 100-500 nobs per building. This would retain the same building level and would allow for a switch between spy to attack or into towers, etc. For example let’s say I wanted to switch a level 5 attack building into a level 5 spy building, all I would do is spend the nobs on a switch token and it would open up an interface similar to the process of buying a building. These tokens would only work on fatesands and deepmine lands.
  2. More effort noob

    But support
  3. Support. A very good idea for players wanting to change up their build slightly. Can be designed in a way that the deconstruction of buildings gives the same amount of crestplates it would have cost to build it, but only get to do a certain amount a year.
  4. More pay to win. 50-60 bucks for a build switch? No thanks.
  5. I’m curious how this is pay to win? You don’t get free levels.
  6. why even pay. have a rare drop that lets you exchange a building. make it tradeable if you want

    edit: yeah youre right dont make it tradeable. just an eb drop with the option to buy them i guess
  7. Have that as well as this, don't make it tradeable tho.
  8. I support these either through eb drops or nobs would love to go all spies
  9. Actually support. I like the concept especially of a rare drop from ebs but nothing implemented that is tradeable. Or upgrade buildings with nobs. But swapping different building is a great idea imo.
  10. Pretty sure this was previously a thing for a short while or for an event. It was most definitely suggested in an extremely well thought out idea.
  11. The issue with this is people can go an all eb build to then tower up when BC. This removes the downside to the great strength towers provide. If you want to change build you have crestplates which should sort out lowlands through abyss easily. The last 3 lands are harder and will require some gold but changing build shouldn't be easy in my opinion.
  13. I get that, but that’s why I proposed the nobility requirement, nobody in their right mind will spend 10000 nobs to change to towers and then back everyday.
  14. Nobody in their right mind would spend nobs period. Yet here we all are running NK clans all weekend long.
  15. Yes, I agree but the nobility we would spend during NK actually increases are power wether that be through BFA/Stats, where as this would just be replacing an already existing power for a major nobility cost to deter away from abuse.
  16. Don’t like this idea, no support