Nobility Program

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  1. I Tried to Earn Nobility Program, I installed App Like for 53 nobility, I signed in as a new user I verified my email and I downloaded and installed an app through it, I came back to kaw and it never gave me the Nobility. there was 78 offers available now there's 50, please reimburse me.
  2. lol, ata got you good
  3. I’ve never had a problem with the free nobility apps. The surveys and sign ups are a different story, but apps have worked every single time. Make sure you meet all the requirements and give it a day, because sometimes it takes time before you are rewarded.

  4. Unfortunately ATA won't do anything you have to send a ticket through the 3rd party ppl fyber
  5. Also, if you've downloaded that app before you will not get nobs. Happened to me twice
  6. Fyber is toxic don't even
  7. Open the free nobility offers and then press the ? Top right and then press report on the offer you have completed and email them. You'll need to provide a screenshot.
  8. For 53 nobs? I thiNK I make enough to buy 53 nobs being at work for about 7min, all that emailing and downloading would take me twice that. And be frustrating. Free item offers in any game seem to always be a bust.
  9. Make sure you take screen shots. Attach the screenshots and submit a ticket and they will give you the nobility points. I have earned thousands of nobs from these promos. You have to be patient and expect that you will only receive 60% of them.
  10. Ive redwonloaded old games and worked for me XD
  11. We are talking about 53 nobility in a forum?...really ...what’s next guy bought a seal on Black Friday for $2.90 and didn’t get it? Like anyone cuuuuuuurs