Nobility points

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Rob19, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Why cannot we buy (for gold pieces) nobility points?
    I think it will be usefull for all players, so they can open
    a lot of treasure chests, which cannot be opened without enough
    nobility points. Please members join me, thanks.
  2. I agree, buying nobs for gold would be awesome. Now it costs 10 nobs for one special key so those royal boxes keep stacking up.
  3. Why not also buy aqua?

    It also occurs to me being a bit illogic that you can buy inferno for gold (7.5 bln), but have to spend 5 crystals for aqua. I have a suggestion to solve this: enable players to buy them both for 7,5 bln gold and add spending crystals as a second choice?
  4. You can buy aqua with trade tokens now if you like.

    Also....nobs are the premium currency of this game. Buying them with in-game gold makes no sense, because gold is the nonpremium currency. You could quest for nobs though, devs did make one f2p route to get them.
  5. The only way to realistically get nobs it to spend money since quests are unreliable,
    The price in the store sucks, only the promos are really worth it, replace the store prices with the promo equivalents since most people wait for promos anyway
  6. Have you guys tried the free nobility offers? I got about 500 nobs from them last week.
  7. Yes! Finally someone else. I’ve made about 2,500 total since they implemented it.
  8. Which ones do you even do? None of them ever work :/
  9. A lot of the free trial ones pay well, you just gotta make sure to cancel the subscription, or use a prepaid empty gift card in case you forget
  10. Nobs and xtals are what the devs make some money on. They already give us 5 free xtals a week which was unheard of when i first started playing kaw. Free nobs is simply out of the question.

    Instead of requesting free nobs....

    Try asking for free name change token as its the only thing that could be added without robbing the devs of their income for the work they do.

    This game is very easy to grow in, its not ruled by 1 or 5 players like other war games, and its way far from pay to play.