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  1. so its been 4 days since i completed a nob offer which involved spending 19.99 and completing 3 challenges on a game called design home, kaw has outsourced their responsibility to a company named fyber, who wont respond to my emails and screen shots.
    ive spent 1,000's on kaw over the years, wont be spending anything else because i dont enjoy being robbed.
    anyone else get robbed?
    looking for people with simular experiences please inbox me @ scruggalicious3
  2. Probably should have just bought the nobs from then mage lol
  3. They were most likely closed on the weekend and for the holiday, and when you messaged them it was late in the day. When I had issues with a nob offer, they got back to me the next day. If I were you, I’d be expecting a reply from them soon :)
  4. I've always had good dealings with the offers. I only do the ones where you spend on, let's say betting, and then get a return in nobility of a much higher value. I even won £370 on the casino fruit machines that they wanted us to spend £10 on before. Bonus!

    Sorry you've had a bad experience. I would try again and wait a few days.
  5. I’ve only done the free offers because the ones I’ve done, several haven’t been credited. I’ve sent emails and screenshots to them through the report option, to no avail. The support system is horrible. Very infrequently do the free offers go through, so I haven’t done the paid ones.
  6. I did the offer on an alt on the 5th and provided my receipt for payment of the $20 and screen shots that I did 5 design challenges and I am still trying to get the nobs from the offer. Every time I send a response, they send me the exact same crap email. Word for word. Its BS
  7. I stopped doing the free ones after a ton of credit cards set up under fake names I gave in the info started showing up in my mail
  8. Bump because some of the offers still aren’t working.
  9. It’s all a scam. It’s just a way to sell your info to other advertising companies.
  10. I haven't done the nobility offers in a bit, however the ones I have done in the past usually did give me the nobilities, however I had learned earlier on to take screenshots of each step of offer as proof, because more than not I would have to submit a ticket and provide proof of completing the offer. Sometimes it was resolved quickly sometimes not as quick. I would be patient and hopefully they will respond soon!
  11. Specifically submit a ticket with Fyber, not Ata. On the offer page is a question mark in the top right, you dispute things on there. They'll send you an email regarding the issue.
  12. Yes, thank you Mei for clarifying that, I always submitted ticket with Fyber, not kaw!
  13. Wait people actually do the nob offers?
  14. Yeah the really “smart” ones. Ever wonder multiple named credit cards show up with you info on them ?
  15. Yes I would say you do need some smarts to do some of the nobility offers, otherwise it could be a waste of time, however some of them were simple to complete and you received rewards in a timely manner!
  16. I have done these offers and usually get responded too. It's time consuming and the customer services does seem to be automated. When you sent feedback did you reply with case # and ss? Unfortunately devs do not have an involvment in the actual offer so there hands are tied to a degree. It may be worth sending feedback to devs if you do not hear from them.

    I would personally keep emailing the offer comapany especially if you can prove the offers completion.
  17. the op made me laugh so much lmao
  18. To clarify my previous comment it was the free game offers I had problems with. This would be the second or third time I’ve completed one of those offers and not received rewards after sending emails with proof of completion. I do feel like ATA does deserve some flak here since they have the fiber offers on their game.
  19. Been answered 17 times unless you waiting on the 18th answer. Click the button upper corner and submit your complaint and wait for response.

    About sums it up.
  20. Sucks to suck