Nobility by watching ads

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Should this be implemented?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. How about the possibility to watch ads for nobility? Each ad would give 1 nobility and there could be a daily limit, lets say 10nob

    This gives f2p players AND also paying players a chance for some nobility in between regen of troops or while waiting for the next eb.

    This seems like a win-win in my opinion:
    • f2p players: have a chance to get nobility for free
    • paying players: it's something extra, and not too much (if a cap) so nobility wont lose its 'value'
    • kaw: ata makes money from ad views and now they can even profit from the f2p players. This will increase their income.

    Just an idea :) I am always open to discuss this idea with anyone.

    - there was no reply eventhough it seems a good idea both for players as the developers so therefor the repost from 9 months ago.

    (This idea was already posted by me on march 19th 2020, last comment on thr post was march 28th 2020 in case someone wants to re-read that post)
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  2. Sounds perfect to me! Suits all parties no?
  3. This seems like a good idea.

    One (potential) drawback: it might make cc/wc more dead, since people will be watching ads instead of chatting with people (which is the main draw of this game).
  4. Hey! That indeed could be a drawback, but people could also watch ads inbetween conversations :) when a reply somethimes takes 30seconds, a player could make 1 nob in the meanwhile😉
  5. I’d just prefer to bust out the credit card and spend the $1 for 10 nobs tbh
  6. I dont think adding adds to the game is very appealing. Adds make me delete most games i download. Unless there was an option to turn them off it would get really annoying and deter people from playing
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  7. They should add ad’s on the screen when we’re unloading on EB.
  8. Hi, this is not at all what i meant.
    I was talking about an added section in the marketplace similar to free nob offer where anyone can watch an ad whenever they please.
    Since the 'free nob offers' for most players mean games that require payments or are impossible to complete.

    So no pop-up ads or something like that :) do you understand what i mean?
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  9. I was talking about this benefiting free2play players aswell, f2p players dont even spend $1 so this makes this comment irrelevant :) ty tho!

    This idea would be an optional choise so u don't have to watch ads at all
  10. Maybe something like a daily ad cap would work well with this. For example, after watching 2 minutes of ads, it goes on an 18 hour cooldown.

    This could help prevent player burnout, since otherwise you'd be incentivized to spend all your time watching ads.

    One benefit of such a system is that it encourages players to log in once daily to "collect their reward", which I think would encourage player retention.
  11. good idea. support.
  12. I support this, only on the condition that ads are optional and we’re not forced to watch ads randomly like most games nowadays
  13. It is indeed meant as an option, as a seperate section in marketplace or something. Forced ads would ruin the game and the fun people have imo :)
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  14. That basically used to be a thing. If remember correctly, back in the day, one of the ways you could earn free nobility was to watch an add or download an app. Now it’s all purchases and quizzes that don’t work, but I believe it used to have options like this.
  15. I'm not one to ever spend money on a game, so I would love this option! It sounds very fair to me. Ever a 5 mop per day cap would work for me.
  16. Yep same here, all either paid apps or apps that are impossible to finish the free ones within the given time frame unless you spend money on it (tried it myself many times). This could be a solution but unfortunatly no mods or devs read suggestions it seems because i had suggested it half a year ago aswell. I assume player-input isn't wanted anymore.