No stress for a long time: What does it mean?

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  1. This no stress for a long time thing, I call it death. If you’re alive there’s something you’re stressing over a little bit all the time. Right now I’m mildly stressed bout getting my cat in his box to take him to vet. Then this gas tank job later. Not a big deal but it’s on my mind. I don’t believe not having stress for as long as you’re talking about is possible ever. Unless we freeze ppl for periods of time but that’s cheating.
  2. Search this up
    "Stress and Performance Graph"

    Here's an excerpt

    "The Yerkes-Dodson law states that performance increases with increased physiological or mental arousal (stress), but only up to a point. ... For complex, unfamiliar, or highly intellectual tasks, the relationship between arousal and performance becomes inverse, with declines in performance as arousal increases."
  3. Must have been a mustache package deal. Tfti tangra.
  4. I agree, less blue pls
  5. I’m sorry but I have to say this. Maybe it’s been said and or maybe it’s what everyone is thinking. I’ll take the bullet for this one.

    Are you like sheltered or are you underage?
    Sean, you act really immature. I’m hoping that you portrayed yourself in a mature way in order to get VK because it’s not very VK’ish to speak like a child the way you do. The blue text is childlike and you have been asked by all of kaw to stop with the color text. It’s that or you are home schooled and kaw is the only social avenue you have to the outside.
    There is a lot that stresses people, relationships, and kids using blue text.
  6. I think he is shielded from normal life feelings if not he is just really good at hiding in his immature manner
  7. Well I found the original post really interesting. Others in this thread, wherever they may be in the world, clearly thought the same.

    It's original posts like Sean's that help keep forums alive.

    Thanks for posting Sean. Also keep using the blue, it wouldn't be the same without it!
  8. Hello there Domo! Thank you for posting in this thread, even if your forum post seems to be a little off the rails here. But I'll be happy to go off the rails a little for one post!

    I believe I don't need to tell you my age, as you can already see from viewing my forum profile, sir!

    Thanks for your genuine negative opinion of me! I guess I'm one of a kind!

    I'm happy the way I am operating and who I am now, sir! I don't need to change myself again into someone who I do not want to become!

    Childlike! I love that! It exactly resonates with me! With colors means I can make my future forum posts more creative!

    Also, It is not against the Terms of Use Or Rules of conduct!

    We all know about that one! I'm actually looking for an opinion from someone's view towards a person having too little stress!, not too much stress!

    And to answer your new and last sentence, I highly suggest you to do some research survey on at least
    100 unique players. Let's see if all of them finds my texts stressful! I challenge you to do that! Once you are done with the survey, let me know and I will be ready to receive your results!

    All right, with that words out of the way what is your opinion towards someone having
    too little stress, Domo? I am more interested in this one!

    Also, for a precautionary measure please kindly let me know if you are color-blind and I will happily omit out the blue text for you!!
  9. Okay guys, please stay on topic. And if you have forgotten what the topic is...

    No stress for a long time: What does it mean?

    The font color the OP uses or how they act is in no way related to the topic. All posts not directly related to the topic will be deleted. Players who continue to derail the thread may get a forum ban.
  10. Too little stress leads to demotivation, boredom and maybe too much Kawing ;-)
    Too much stress is unhealthy.
    So it's best to be somewhere in between.
  11. Time for a forums holiday for spamming.
  12. That's a pretty nice statement to start your point, Awen! Can you elaborate or expand your point further, or write an example?

    All right, everyone! I will write my example of someone facing too little stress!

    Suppose an archer starts his target practice in archery. He practices specifically on target aiming and shooting, the way he nocks an arrow, the way he loads it and shoots it! Then he participated on an archery tournament and got 1st place! Hooray for the archer!

    Then after that, this gave the archer an impression that he will be the champion for the subsequent tournaments. And so, he chose to no longer practice for another 3 years, not giving himself even small doses of stress to maintain his shooting ability. He spends the next 3 years doing his own daily operation routines without stressing himself.

    Three years later, another tournament was organized and the archer participated on it. Of course, he didn't lose all his shooting abilities because he had trained hard in the past. Shockingly however, his arrows didn't hit the bullseye and he missed the target completely once, costing him in the quarter-finals and gets him eliminated, with his final result being on 6th place!

    I hope my example is good enough! If you feel that my example doesn't relate to having too little stress, please criticize my example constructively, or tell me a new example!
  13. It means you quit kaw