No stress for a long time: What does it mean?

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  1. Greetings to all players in Kingdoms At War! Today, I would like to bring up a new topic to discussion which is related to stress.

    Now we all know that too much stress is bad for our health, and those effects of having too much stress are a popular topic by people I meet in a daily basis, and easily found on Google. We all know the possible symptoms for long term effects of chronic stress, such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, headaches and so on!

    But since too much stress is commonly talked by people, why isn't there a result found from Google that I attempted to search that has something to do with too little stress or no stress at all? That's why I open this thread, and the topic is...

    Too little stress!

    Basically, I define it as having no stressful experience or any moments of even acute stress you experienced. You can imagine there isn't a single stress cortisol released into one's mind. Just as having too much stress will have negative effects, will too little or no stress at all for a prolonged period of time have the same effect? At least about 3 months.

    What do you players think?
    Is too little stress or no stress at all can have a bad effect on one's health? Or that is just simply a good thing, to let your body and mind recuperate from stressful events? Assuming you do NOT have any stress at all for 3 straight months or longer. In other words, your fight-or-flight response almost never gets triggered! Or, you don't sense any danger at all for long...or too long if applicable!

    In summary, what does it mean to you to know that you have never really experienced stress, or have too little stress on you? And can one person operate well without stress at all?

    Open for discussion!
  2. That blue font color is sressing my eyes, you should avoid using blur colors for longer text passages as it is on thr edge of the spectrum! Additionally, the ability to distinguish colors is directly related to thr size of an object which makes blue even worse!!!! You see I hate blue.
  3. You clearly don’t know Sean
  4. Too much stress in my opinion can lead to devastating health issues. However I feel that sometimes finding a situation stressful can also make the satisfaction of achievements a far greater feeling.

    Stress can be defined in many contexts so maybe a little stress can lead to determination, determination can lead to sucess.
  5. Stress for me is finding out that the Tangra LB have taken a group vacation package to Jamaica and won't be coming back anytime soon.

  6. Aye, Dave. But that's not the opinion I was looking for! What I actually wanted to look however, is for your opinion of too little stress. Will that results in health issues as well, in your opinion?

    There isn't any evidence that I have found on Google that having
    no stress at all is a bad thing so far. That's the answer I wish to seek!
  7. No health issues here. I don't get stressed easily nor do i have any at the moment.

    Physical stress is another thing cause gotta get dem gainz.
  8. Because of a career that was pushed upon me without choice stress, major stress is a part of my daily life and has been since july 3 2010. There are times occasionally that I am given a break, a short break and the stress is lifted from me. It takes my body and mind a few hours to adjust but after the adjustment period life for me is almost euphoric. Then I go back to work.
  9. It means you have a heart attack right around the corner

  10. I dont really think no stress could contribute to health issue's.
  11. Without stress the only problem I see is someone just not being able to handle it. Which could make someone very unproductive/self destructive when a lot is applied just because they aren't very experienced with the pressure stress can put on your shoulders. Everyone has to deal with stress at some point. I believe in avoiding stress like everyone else but sometimes avoiding it can just lead to more in the end lol. Anywho, that's what I believe will happen to majority when they are able to avoid stress for long enough.
  12. I see!

    Problematic, have you ever experienced what you just mentioned yourself or see anyone else having experience the same or similar thing?

    Would you care to elaborate further? Or expand your point of opinion?
    For example, someone spends the next 4 months of his time reading new books, watching TVs, playing educational games, social interaction, good sleep (all in balance) with exercise BUT never really tried anything new that would give him a substantial amount of pressure that would trigger his
    stress response, even if it can somehow push him to extend his skills further? Or never faced a crisis event? In summary, the example person I mentioned is in what I can call The Chill Zone for this long duration.

    I'm sorry, Shadow-fighter! Would you like me to stop using colors when replying to your forum post next time? What is your favourite color?

    On another subject, wow! It seems like you just got your
    stress response triggered upon reading my post! Hope that's not too bad for you! I believe using a variety of colours stimulates creativity!


    Ah, nice! What was your approach to dealing with the major stress that seems present in your daily life in terms of your mindset? I guess that you have finally upgraded yourself in terms of capacity to deal even more future stress!

    And today, do you still get stress from work? Or it is familiar territory to you seeing you could deal with almost anything like a walk in a park that you don't feel stressed anymore? :D
  13. Stress overall is like anything else in my opinion you have a bad experience once with it and you define stress as bad but without it you don't try to achieve something because it's out of your comfort zone and that is stressful at times. Too little stress after an eventful situation is always appreciated and it's nice to feel that way but long term your just waiting for another stressful experience mentally and physically because your brain needs stress to a certain degree to improve so you don't experience stress in a good way mentally your drained
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  15. I think that receiving no stress for a long period of time, and then receiving one big stress in one go, can startle (or shock) the mind. By startle, I mean, being confused, sometimes having mental block, losing control, etc.
    Or maybe, someone with little stress, and then receiving great stress, might not be able to handle this new big stress properly...

    But I think it also depends in your ability to handle stress. Maybe someone can be flexible enough to handle greater stress, or calm enough to prevent himself/herself from being indulged in such stress and fix the problem.
  16. Don't get me started on my X wife
  17. My approach was cannabis and alcohol in a quiet place with no external noise
  18. And yes today even I'm under constant stress
  19. “Guess what said the doctor, you will have stress for the rest of your life” now it’s how you choose to live a normal and joyful life keeping positive, and trying to leave work where it needs to stay at work.. home is for the family and friends are just a few you can really count on... there are many ways of dealing with stress before going to the pills.. exercise, Read , Walk and of course laugh ... smile and thank god for what he brings to the table. Cheers
  20. I think small amounts of stress, eg study deadlines, exams can keep us motivated and help us to achieve.

    However it's when that stress affects your sleep, and other aspects of your life when it becomes harmful