No Rulez declares war on Uranus/Ceres/Ariel

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ddhleigh, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. For the past few days both sides have been going at it. There was no formal declaration so here it is. This all started out of a WC hit. For now, No Rulez is not calling in help from our allies (Og). It's just straight up us versus their 3 clans. Now you're all wondering, WTH that's it? This is a crappy declaration with no content...

    Well my friends this is where YOU, the reader will have to do some leg work. Per TOU, I can't post a link here, but go to youtube and search "kingdoms at war no rulez" and enjoy. (wife was asleep so no real female Leia voice)

    Please do not ruin this thread and post the video here. It is not allowed.

    I apologize for the crappy editing, I put it together in about 1.5 hours on my laptop and crappy windows movie maker and not my usual Vegas Pro software on PC.
  2. Loved the video :lol:
  3. Haha pretty good
  4. Well played. Lol Good luck to both.
  5. Thanks guys/gals! Glad you liked.
  6. "I don't want to pull your finger"

    "You will pull it. You will pull it, and you will like it"
  7. Hahahahaha that's awesome
  8. Amazing Vid!
  9. All I'm saying is great video lmao. Good luck to both sides, and may the best finger puller win ^_^ 
  10. That was an awesome video 
  11. Telling us to you rub is still illegal aha.
  12. Lol funny video
  13. Haha I really enjoyed that video ... Super 
  14.  another dd original.
  15. Meh obvious bias here, but I liked your Hitler ones better.
  16. Excellent video 
  17. Noooo! Don't pull his finger!

  18. That gif is so suitable lol
  19. :lol: vid was hilarious love the vid :lol: