No one does proper osw anymore, change my mind

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  1. Osw was ince about keeping a clan pinned or down, strip the top for fun but win or faily, it was always about Inc and nf. Now? Seems to be naught more than strip funds transferred and arms race via eb blitzing... Yawn. Anyone out there actually interested in forgoing growth anx just straight up being a terror? Ir at least, as is my mo, annoying?
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  2. Just returned to the game and yessss. This game was built on pvp. Its unrecognisable now. Much like forums. They're depressingly dead
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  3. Lol dead forums, i just now looked and saw this. I do mis forum battles almos as much as true osw... Nevermind my account age and build i do know what im talking about. Hell... Right now ps with no allies is perfect, if you dont care about a lot of growth, you can do damage above your cs and really get some old clannies in a bunch (if you cared)
  4. Hi Fist.

    Forgive me in advance for not having total accuracy on the timeframe. Its been a long, long time...

    Skipping the history of change kaw has seen, Epic Battles were added...idr.. let's say 2010-11ish.

    During that same time YAFI was entering Kaw's osw arena as big player. YAFI was getting hit by a literal crap tons of clans. Outnumbered and outfunded...they had to outsmart their opponents to win. They began hitting EBs, raising gold directly from EBs, and focused on large scale(gold) single target strips.

    Shortly after Regulators used the same strategy against Black Hand. Regulators were very public about what they were doing because they knew you can't stop it.

    Regulators then again used this strategy against the clans that would form the Apocalypse alliance.

    Regulators vs Apoc was likely the last war where a major osw clan used any type of old school kaw strategy. It was just not as effective. Regulators lost a lot of gold in both of those wara but the amount of gold they took in comparison, were not even comparable.

    These wars also played out very publicly here in the forums. Most of kaw was watching at some point or another. From this point foward, it became very well understood among the community that EBs completely changed the script on how you win OSWs. You either got onboard or you lost.

    And this brings us to like maybe summer of 2012. Likely even early than that.

    So I guess what I'm getting at here is, you're talking about a style of game play that hasn't been good for about 8 years, give or take.
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  6. You're literally 12 mate
  7. Pinning enemy’s is great short term.. but as wars start passing in the years it starts to epically fail. No eb just pin targets for 4 years when 3 new lands come out strips are being nobbed ect growth is weak. Pinning a clan for a few weeks was nothing anyone can afford it a few weeks and drive can be held high for a few weeks but again numbers and motive weaken harshly 2-3 months in people realize they aren’t getting anywhere and when 2-3 years takes place all that pinning did was harm by causing a failure to grow and lack of resources to keep stripping which is what normally makes people back up the fear of losing everything they have.
  8. I feel like you've never been apart of old kaw, because it's was lack luster of PvP back then as much it was now.

    Game of few actually hitting actives and even fewer doing any real damage to someone. Where the only time a shrip broke out was when they managed to organise themselves but failing more often. A lot of people will only be thinking of the golden good old days. It's hardly seen until someone starts craps which then is sorted a week or so later.

    I mean even back then a fair few who claimed to be such awesome osw pvpers couldn't do it longer than a day.
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  9. I keep coming back and wondering if things changed and the devs finally wisened up to the reality that they turned a fun game into a place for bored mindless drones to keep chasing the next upgrade in an endless stream of ebs and nonsense. Looonnggg gone are the days when players had to attack each other for gold and upgrades. Long gone are the truly feared clans who fought other clans for bragging rights and prestige. Sad really...
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  10. Ditto.

    I'll download KAW every few months and cry at what it's become.

  11. Make kaw great again 2020? Could be a decent campaign. Just saying🤓
  12. I feel as though, eventually 1 of 2 things will happen.

    1.) The devs will shift focus back onto PvP aspect in order to attempt to bring back some of the OSW big spenders. This could be due to the fact that many big spenders who solely spent for the war aspect of the game have now left.

    2.) They will push for the eb side, release more and more lands, etc. in order to PREVENT big spenders from leaving. This might be the safer route for them as a company.

    The unfortunate reality is that OSW isn’t the best business decision for ATA at the moment, or at least not in comparison to what they make via eb hoppers and fairies who grind promos every weekend and pay to play ebs.

    The business side of me completely sees the reason they’ve went the direction they went, the player side of me wishes they would’ve balanced it more. It’s not toooo late for that to happen, but it could be getting close.
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  13. My honest opinion of the game is this. ATA is a company and always think of bottom line. As players we have no control over that. Keep in mind this is a game. It’s meant to enjoy the game with friends. The game will keep evolving. I play for fun and laughs even its silly and made me like an ass. The end of the day I’m having fun and I hope my friends also having fun. I have no control over them and they have no control over me. I’m adapting to the game changes as they come along. No point complaining on things I have no control over. As long ATA makes money on their business decision and I’m having fun. KAW will last little longer. I have no care about fake gold or dominance. I will adapt and keep adapting to the game to enjoy the game. I see many players who complain about the game changes. I know tough to adapt when you have limited time. If you spend few dollar here and there. You will grow and can get the 50k legend inside nk clan in the weekend. There is many ways to enjoy the game. Just find one yourself instead of focusing what is wrong with the game
  14. It's all very simple, how can a 2D graphic (war) game without weapons being fixed? 😂 The game run bad from day one, and indeed Mus, it's just what you make of it. Have fun or delete it:))
  15. We do have weapons though - have you seen your equipment slots recently? 👀
  16. Until they give me the Sword of King Arthur himself, I will always be disappointed.
  17. This new forum format sucks. Who changed it anyway
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  18. agreed m8
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