No Mith from Assassinations in EE

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Steph, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Support. That makes absolutely. no sense
  2. Most lb accs are attackers...

    Can follow the argumentation by moose though. He's right in many points. However,.. Since this whole system is screwed up since season 2 anyway and devs don't wanna add real pvp stuff (like PROMISED in December 2013) I couldn't care less 
  3. Dude Hansel is screwed for ee it's either cookie cutter attack build with towers a gh /sh exploit or you get penalized for build if scouts count assassination should as well
  4. Thanks Steph for your forum post.

    I'm not quite sure why the Devs would remove mith payout for spy actions unless it's only to mess with PS - which is, mind you, a legitimate build just like Attack, Hansel, Hybrid and SH builds.

    However the issue is all war builds (every single one mentioned above) use spy actions..... Without spy actions you cannot Ko an opponent, unless they are a pure attack build - and there are no pure attack builds in ee wars.

    If an action is permitted in war then there should be an appropriate payout for that action if your clan wins, especially when pots (which you spend precious gold on) are also used to undertake that action.

    And as mentioned above, all builds use spy actions and many many spy actions, not just PS. By the Devs removing the mith payout for spy actions it lessens the mith payout for all builds. 
  5. Moose said it shouldn't happen, so it won't.
    Good try everyone, can't help that one guy is a biased prick who yells "exploit" at any spy build ee, and has always done so.

    Perks of being the devs *****.
  6. @ Hi Joe! ️

    Yes, I've warred with ps. I've actually had two wars where my side had nothing but tanks.

    Nobody is saying ps shouldn't war but people are worried about ps taking over completely. Remember ps will get the same amount of medals and edge, just fewer mith. The balance is delicate, but I feel the trade off is fair.
  7. Right now it's mix easier for a ps to find a war than a tank. Anything that encourages traditional builds is a plus. I don't think we wanna go back to 2012 when everyone seemed to be a hansel.
  8. ^Here's the carbon copy of moose, who once again, has always crapped on about spy builds.

    Just play the game and shut your mouth Frog you biased tool. Your opinion on spy builds are irrelevant, as you've never been one, only talked **** about them.
  9. Support...I agree,hansel/ps work hard in EE wars. a virtual way to ko opponents. Not to be compensated is ludicrous!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Complete support. That's the Hansel's biggest weapon being able to assassinate a big attack build. Where is the incentive for me to do that anymore if it doesn't give me any payout?
  11. @llum

    Lol you think I don't have spy alts? 

    Come and say that crap with a main you coward.
  12. Devs don't recognize build types?

    Sure they "certain mechanics to using certain ratio of buildings" is recognizing a build type..
  13. Yeah coward yeah yeah not a reset account who just started playing the game again, note the three year achievement, generally not something your average alt has.

    Wait who am I kidding? Frog finding relevant sources, getting information elsewhere that his poorly educated mind? Whoops, pardon me that's almost just as stupid.

    You're an idiot frog. You post forums and pretend you don't care everyone thinks you're a piece of wank, but deep down you do, and that's why you keep coming back to try and prove your relevance in your apparently "witty" ways.

    Keep wasting everyone's time mate, we all appreciate your comm... Never mind.
  14. This is why i went hybrid! Spy builds get screwed everytime . this is also why i stopped eeing i was done being screwed by people whinning and devs "fixing" things . Just everyone stop eeing bet they will listen then . When the well starts to dry up
  15. Oh how convenient.
    There's my old name right there Frog ^
    You would've worked that out by reading my wall if you weren't a moron.
  16. Not lieing ^ @ name comment
  17. Wow so not only are hansel builds limited in ee but don't get paid mith for using our strong side.
  18. im a ps when i war, obviously, and we GIVE UP more than we get. we are hardley ever gonna be found top plunderer, and rarely get any kudos for doing our job. ps cant work by themselves, we know this, so our contributions in war shouldnt be passed over when it comes to mith payout. Moose, most ps are alts, born as a backup to a main, and that main is 99% of the time gonna be a big attack build. for years ps werent even allowed to war, and now that we can we get crapped on with lowzy mith payout, come on dude.
  19. and for the noob saying there are no build types, guess you dont understand the difference in the mechanics of each "build," hybrids are completely different than attacks, and hans, or ps. so shut it if you dont know what your talkin about.
  20. Those are the two points you are going with? That you'll never be top plunder or never get praised?