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  1. So we all know that no matches come from odd man out. Also the devs claim that they come from signing up late(obviously a lie). We have signed up 1-2 hrs before for almost every war, and we still get no matches. If you win the war prior then you get a spell to double you medal payout, so what's the point of winning the prior war to get a no match the next war and your spell expire. Bg has gotten over 10 no matches this season and I know a lot of other clans as well. Devs need to fix the spell so if you get a no match or carries over to the next match, instead we get VP. Who needs mith? Seriously now, I've got over 3 k mith. Fix the spells devs or give out medals for the no matches. People work to hard to achieve their goal of medals for them to be shafted by no matches.
  2. at least a half medal or extending of the medal spell as the EE used to extend with no match. It only makes sense, no reason to punish a clan because not enough signed up or no one signed up that is in the same hit range as the suggested clan.
  3. Support!!! :ugeek:
  4. We signed with seven minutes to go. Ez match. Before s6 we were laughed at for suggesting to give event items, or in this case, a medal from tvp. Shouldn't be a big deal considering matches are random. You can't force a no match right? Food for thought. Gg last war bg.
  5. better to give one and exctend spell or give 2 to compensat not the clans fault and in this case its been a long time for the sign up and some got other things to do
  6. Ty YSBH, you guys are always fun to war against, and wish I payed attention to the forums more cause I would of supported it. Now we have like 10 members who won't get 55 medals by one medal cause of this stupid no match bs, they need to reimburse medals, people who war all season long to be stopped because of no matches.
  7. We signed up over an 1 hour before lock for this war and got no match. I understand that sometimes there is an odd number of teams (clans) signed up for war; however, the penalty for no match is too great ... not only do we lose the chance at a medal, we also lose the spell bonus from winning the prior war. This can be easily fixed by the devs ... give 1 medal and extend the spell << then we have much less to complain about.

    Additionally, this is the first season that I can remember where the medal count was not adjusted at the end of season. I have participated in more wars this season then past season and achieved less. Has anyone else noticed that the number of participants in this season is dwindling? Only about 4 wars per war time ... that 120 war participants. In short the incentive to participate in the remaining wars is diminishing quickly.
  8. There's still 2 days left in S6 Kilo...
  9. It's great I stopped warring Friday and will finish top 10 with ease
  10. Your team hasn't had over 10 no matches this season lol
  11. Devs please adjust how you set matches , those that sign up last Minute should be the odd man out not be ones that sign up an hour before deadline lol
  12. And two days left even if some do every war, they fall short due to having a no match every single day
  13. We've had our 10th No Match today.

    Our 4th in the last 3 days, they've become frequent as of late as a majority of those chasing S6 have reached their goals or given up and hence participation has slowed down in the last week of S6.

    I do agree that clans shouldn't be penalised for a No Match, and a loss/NM should at least pay a small fraction of a win. So many things that need to be fixed and tweaked with EE. TVP is obsolete, devs need to get rid of it.
  14. Support. No matches suck. @life apparently you dont war much hun