No Longer Tolerable

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lycan_ExPliCIitPiGy, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Good luck to those whom I like, I expect you know who you are by now. I might pm a few of you later...? If not, goodbye. 
  2.  Lycan..

    Wow, well good luck man. Didn't get to know you at all, but I always respected your foruming and the things you had to say.

    Good luck in the real world️
  3. come back when you can't stay as long.
  4. Bye, darling. <3
  5. Ehhh old friend. Take care. See you around sometime.

    Wales/Poland alliance 
  6. Best wishes Lycan 

    I always remember ur cool posts 
  7. Wow sad to see you leave. We've not always agreed about things but always enjoyed the discussions.
    Take care and keep arguing your points you do it well.
  8. Later Ex, known you long time gl in rl!
  9. That's too bad you're leaving. They seem to have taken a lycan to you here.
  10. Damn. Hell froze over.
  11. No it didn't.
  12. Good luck in rl.
  13. Low effort. Mod should lock this garbage
  14. OP's making a thread for a reason.
    Threads like these doesn't need to have much effort on it. Even if it's short, I do know why OP posted the thread for.

    For this thread it would be best to remain open and not locked. Many more of his friends would want to wish him later.

    Anyway, good luck...OP! :D

  15. You ruin my life.
  16. later lycan :/
  17. Later Bubba. I hope you still have time to enjoy those strategy games.

    You always reminded me of a guy I use to play chess with. I didn't really like him, but I never let it effect your and I's relationship.

    Gg gl cya!!
  18. He once said I was his favourite forumer. A few months later he said I was delusional and misguided. :lol:

    Probably because I went from talking about my political views to me saying that I would go into the ghettos and sterilize everyone and make them able to have children once they earned enough money.

    Maybe because I went on tangents sometimes.

    My first memory of him was 3.5 years in a discussion. They were talking about European history (of which I knew nothing about) which made me realise how little i actually knew. Now I know quite a bit of European history.