No Eb's for a week!

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Hulk, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. It's just a game they get updated don't cry that ur old and u miss all the old times kaw is kaw this is kaw now soo get off forums noob
  2. It's not a cry it's called like I've repeated a throwback or something along the lines to that it's to get people to see what a war game should be I know everyone says that but really read the name it's much fun that way what made this game great is the war and making friends and enemy's
  3. Umm i would say semi support, love the idea to kick ass, but if u want osw or 1 on 1 isnt difficult to get one 
  4. Do it for 12 hours like the purge.
  5. You could just let people play how they want to. Most would just go inactive for a week then come back. If you want PvP hit someone who would give it to you. This isnt the solution.
  6. The devs will lose money if this happens so they cannot let that happen, but I love the idea though 
  7. OP is mad at Germany. Support anyway
  8. Dear god you no supporters stop being girls its a freaking week my god you got 50 some other weeks to pad your wins and do ebs have a week to just war like the good old days
  9. Comly that's an awesome idea lol
  10. For all of you noobs saying no support purely due to the fact op is participating in HTE makes you sound ignorant and stupid. Most of you, I would hope, know now adays clans hit eb while in osw and strip whack based off of gold farmed off of the eb.

    We do have a target in our ca, please keep this post relevant and troll elsewhere. There is still plenty of room in our ca. Thanks.

    #StopTheHatingOnHulk2104 :lol:
  11. Or just make hitting players more profitable then ebs
  12. I like this idea n people saying devs make no money, they would please customers which in turn they would spend more and new people might join. We all know true oswers and pvp pay almost as much as a eb person in xstalls and nob
  13. They would please like 500 customers while the rest of kaw sits inactive.
  14. Ok what about a shorter time period instead of no support can you give me feedback
  15. Belle then the ones that are sitting inactive would have to be active or they would get farmed or stripped. After the week was up maybe they would appreciate what made the game fun and what brought us this far