No certain future.

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  1. Now here's what I'm seeing lately, less and less people actually participating in this game, and even fewer participating in the "wars" that are scheduled.

    Slowly but surely the people of this game are leaving, quite a few of my friends have left already, including one of my favourite forumers TROLL.

    This game has become stagnant, and blatantly a big cash grab. With back to back events, ridiculously stupid upgrades, and chances of those who weren't already BC getting there going from slim to nothing. I've been playing for three years, with the pipe dream of becoming build complete, that won't ever happen, there's just too much money required to get there. I've already spent way more than I should on this game, because I figured it would help me. It didn't.

    So where to from here? There's no clear direction of where this game is going. All I have seen lately is promo this event that. Why not do something the kawmunnity has been asking for? Why not open season 5? Why not bring the next ASW? Why not do something like a daily login reward? Why not give people a reason to play? Rather than making the idea of BC becoming nothing more than the dream of a clueless 9 year old, and making those who've already played and paid their way this far an actual chance, rather than making this game depressing to look at.
  2. Valid points. Still shouting at the rain given the fact that devs obviously don't care about anything besides increasing the bottom line.
  3. Devs are looking into a number of things as mentioned in a few of their posts. Even announced a post on S5 will be around soon.

    The thread was made for some people to understand how we got the award and what we are obligated to do.

    Obviously, even with Moody's best effort to make it comprehensive, it didn't work.

    @Zed for the butt sniffer comment:

    *No hit at the following mods -









    Those required to defend ATA in your family. I'm curious as to how you feel about them
  4. I've seen a lot of these threads lately.

    Let's clear some things up:

    - we've been releasing new features and bug fixes
    - all of our metrics are up
    - including new users
    - and early retention (new user promo ftw)
    - number of daily players is up
    - there will be a season 5 but we want to try something very different so we are being cautious
    - we've increased the size of the kaw dev team
    - we've started advertising the game again
    - we have something in the works to help mids bridge the gap

    EDIT: words, grammar (haven't had my coffee yet)
  5. The devs know they screwed up with the builds but what will show how good they are is how they fix the issue. My suggestion is to lower the stats for the upgrades a lot because the gap is just too large.

    ASW should be around soon I hope so that should get people in the right mindset for warring. Hopefully S5 will follow shortly after.

    Regarding events, they need to slow down with them. Yes they are successful cash earners but also they no longer feel special. Make events seem special again by spacing them apart by a few months.

    EDIT: Devs beat me to it while I was typing up a response.
  6. Today itself i have seen u guys replying to 2 threads..It looks like a good sign that u are atleast responding..
    also the points u mentioned above give us hope that u guys are trying..

    1 Request though..Whatever work or updates you guys work on..should be shared with the we can give even more good suggestions as to what we want & what will even be better than the original idea..
  7. Atleast ATA hasn't implemented the new personal information policy that PIMD received.

    I mean, they allow 13 year olds to publicly state their age and ask for Rp in global chat..

    They still care about the kids here on KaW.. For now
  8. Tbh that is most likely due to the rp high nature of pimd
  9. After reading so many posts about people leaving etc over the way the game is going I decided to go do some googling about ata and I came across an interview a member of at a done and he was saying about how ata don't always want to be making games that they would like to branch off into other areas where the real cash is. So maybe that's what they are trying to do right now run b2b promos bring out new lands to cater for the LB so they can rake in as much cash as possible whilst leaving the other players who don't pay as much as LB annoyed to the point they all start leaving resulting in kaw completely dying so they will have to shut it down then laugh while they take our cash to start new money making schemes? (I could and hopefully be completely wrong but just thought I'd share my thoughts on what I read)
  10. Yeah. Many of us have seen that interview. I personally don't recall reading it like that. But, my memory isn't good..
  11. Nope, we are only making games. Must have been a really old article.
  12. pimd is 17+ isn't it?
  13. PIMD is entirely ages 13 and up now.
  14. sorry just read it in pimd forums


    you should see your pimd friends more often KAW_admin ;)
  15. No it's not.

    It's still 17+

    Stop derailing the thread.

  16. Too many children still play that game sadly
  17. Don't buy it. Let's see the numbers or I call shenanigans. Up relative to what? An upward blip in a steady downward trend is much different than sustainable organic growth.

    Since you love two week events how about having some EE war based events to:
    a) pique interest in warring again
    b) give you a better sample size to project impacts of changes
    c) appease the war community while we wait for you to develop the new overhaul.
    d) give EE clans an idea of how to prepare for new season. With about 4 clans casting for each primal slot, is hard to plan for the future season if there will be one

    2 Week event with 1 eq slot and/or large mith bonuses as a reward
  18. Based on that website which provides video game companies daily average revenue. This game isn't doing as well as you're saying kaw admin.
  19. A week ago I looked back at the feather event there was at least 50k people participating however if you add all the levels up(which this might be the amount of participants is around 70k ). The past event there was 20k partiapents at the 50 skull rank or what ever that is. So it either a lot of people stop playing with a lot of their alts or people just stop playing
  20. We'll be sharing some details about Season 5 and giving a lot of notice / time practice time.

    We won't share metrics for our games for obvious reasons. If you don't believe me that's ok. But it seems that, in this case, we are at an impasse.