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  1. I've gotten 2 nm in a row after spending 3 hours rostering. On the other hand ffa clans spend 20 minutes and get a match. Please just give ffa clans a no match more fair.
  2. Loser rewards for scout bomb artists is hardly warring and need to be NERFED period.
  3. So I guess you weren't around season 2 when 8 clans would signup and 6 would get no match

  4. Do scouts cause ko's...yes ...the only thing that needs to be nerfed is spy builds deserve a bonus for their kos like attack builds get for atk kos
  5. Fair enough yes. Question is about the 60 sb only FFA clans for rewards with no other effort to win. No clan can expect to win by solely scout bombing to look up ops skirt for an hour. Ops merely states his clan wanted to war to win and not to gift wrap a win for opponents.

  6. Face it, lowland is boring and redundant. Without war exclusive equip, interest is glacial. Can we at least get highland plus lowland war?

  7. Scout Bomb douches should get a banner that says DB with a little bag hanging off a sword
  8. The plain fact that 900 clan actions rings no bells as in 60/player. Add to that the loser has 900 as well. So 1800 actions sounds like a Allstar basketball game score.
  9. Should this be moved to "lowlands beta"?

    Is the beta over yet?

    Is this lowlands beta?

    Don't support discrimination, war is broken and people figure out how to make it useful to get the drops, just fight the paladin and be happy
  10. I can't even find FFA clans for any of my alts
  11. 25b and a few last minute wc ads...bingo

  12. Hasn't worked yet lol
  13. Because you're suptis2