nk weakends. a estory

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  1. So, i hapened to b at this clan getin fonds rite?
    And it was ol good an i was chillin
    So i dicided to estop buy cc to say hi when i sudenly see quig AAAAAAAAAN hotmes goin bak an forth with clan owner (he mite b a chump but hes a good guy who hapens to lack cojones) an u no it was gonna be gooood

    So i neber say hi, i jost lurk to see whats ap

    Hotmes indeed had seal an eben actibated a wor cry or whateber the name is. It appeared She was desperate for fonds. Poor thing, i olmost, oooolmost fel like gibin her fitty cens

    Quig dimanded she b kik
    The owner was in a estupor. the inplications of habin that cf breaker in clan hadnt hit him.

    Hotmes was cluckin somethin. I didnt pay atention cuz it was random an nonsense giberish so i focused my atention in things that reely mater

    NAL was farmin now. I eben got a few bars maself.

    I think ol admins sed she shud b kikt. One of them did. Esmart guy, esmart mobe.
    NAL estoped farmin


    The chump as owner,in a mobe worthy of a short bus hall of fame trophy, dicided to bring her in agen. Wow what a chump.

    So she proceeded to chug ol those fonds like there was no tomorro.
    NAL bigan farmin agen.

    Owner was now jost confused. He was askin in cc what to do. He eben wanted ppl votin lmao


    Hotmes left on her own

    Menbers of nk were bummed so they breathed a sight of rilief.

    NAL estoped farmin.

    I got wor that hotmes was ofer charms for the seals she had used. She rifuse

    Eben tho hotmes was NOT giben the boot AN ofered charms, she dicided to bring her chump as clan in aaaan began farmin those poor saps.

    Its jost sad.
    Sad that clan owner dosent have a estrong learership.
    An sad that hotmes gets eb clans in trobol jost cuz she lookin for cober cuz she kent handol NAL


  2. can confirm. i joined nk weekend and got some nks in. then i got a failed atk from musang so i immediately left.
  3. Who i hit back? Sam Kotfe Nal Or trAsh Gang?
  4. Who r u?
  5. leech owner of nk weekend
  6. Lmao I disbanded NK weekend because of how badly tarnished its reputation had become from past recent events. People didn’t want to see it succeed. I can honestly say that I tried my hardest to pull everyone together. I tried to run it. Even dropped 12 seals and 2 BC’s throughout this past weekend. It just came to the point where I felt like there was no point in saving a clan that had already been lost. I’m no leech. I’m no scammer. And I’ll be damned if I let anyone tarnish my name because I tried to pick up the broken pieces of a maimed promo clan. The previous owner (aka Sam) tanked the clan into the dirt and ruined it for everyone. There was a point in time where people could go to that clan and not have to worry about issues like the ones presented above. The clan used to run very well. But all things must come to an end at some point. I don’t regret disbanding it. If anything, people should be happy I disbanded the clan. Nobody wanted to see it anymore so I took the initiative to get rid of it. Thanks everyone for understanding.
  7. It’s okay. Gia will forever be remembered as the biggest leech of kaw. Not that this will stop him... leeched off his hte clan(s) before this
  8. So what im seeing is the clan worked until you became owner? Then you become owner it fails you disband it. Case closed, lets go home.
  9. I second this.
  10. No what I’m saying is that the reputation of the clan was already screwed because Sam didn’t know what he was doing. He tried to tell people I was a puppet he was “controlling” and I’m not lol.
  11. Premium clans cone and go, who cares? They arent real clans anyway, more like business arrangements.
  12. Need an interpreter for this
  13. the real question is... what happened to -The Ark-?
  14. @XoXo,
    Slam back a bottle of whiskey and then it will all make sense.
  15. Nk-Weekend owner (Sam007/I_Warrior_I/Revenger-) ran the clan into the ground, got booted and now is trying to start a new clan called Money-palace.

    A bit of backstory, I used to run admin duties for him around two and a half years ago in a clan called Zta-Reloaded. He was a lazy owner who slept every weekend (Zta back then was only between Friday night to Monday midday), he was constantly nasty to admins and picky yet did nothing to help run the clan. Didn't last long and he went inactive until recently. Every clan he runs gets worse and worse. He gives ridiculous passes out and then complains when the ebs slow down, and literally says stuff like "this schedule is stressing me out I might have to relax and go out tonight". Guy is a total failure.

    He's also the same one who sold info in return for charms to the green team during the massive PvP event a few months back, basically wasting a day or two of red's time before they realised.

    So yeah, he's a persistent kid who just doesn't get it. You can't run a clan, give ridiculously long passes out and sir around doing nothing and expect the clan to run smoothly.

    I give his clan a few days at best before it buckles.

    Oh, if he pulls the usual trick and moves clan ownership to an alt to pretend owner is a new person, check out the profile's spells, most of his accounts have a 1 year shattered sword ban. He apparently sold info during EE wars too by casting multiple accounts and Devs got wind of it.
  16. That’s so lame. I had a feeling the Greens were pulling a dirty move like that.
  17. Illuminati.
  18. Salty for vk
  19. Can confirm ^ to this day being farmed by dragon 