NFL score picking contest. 40 xtal giveaway!

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  1. Joe Lombardi opens up the playbook calling for the deep ball to Megatron and Tate which results in 3 TD's, Abdullah looks like the reincarnation of Charlie Sanders mixed with Barry Sanders and runs for 182 yds and 2 TD's. Matthew Stafford throws for 396 yds and 3 TD's and one rushing TD. Seahawks find themselves quickly down 21-0 and abandon the run game and start panicking by passing more, which results in 2 picks. Seattle is able to get in the redzone 3 times but only manages to get one TD from it. Lions win 42-13
  2. Seattle is too strong at home against a weak Detroit team. 27-7 Seattle.
  3. Seahawks 28 lions 17
    Lions ton of injuries but still got passing game.
    Seahawks Wilson throws 3 td runs for one e out lynch

    Seahawks 31 lions 14.

    Lions secondary weak.
  4. Seahawks 42 Lions 20

    Wilson to Graham too much for Lions to handle.
  5. Alright forum. Kick off time is coming up soon so I'm locking this. Good luck to everyone!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.