NFL score picking contest. 40 xtal giveaway!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Moose2, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. Seahawks 21-17
    They have a good defense!
  2. Seahawks 31-17
    They been playing so well, good offense!
  3. 38-17 Seattle

    Seattle are gonna ruin lions
  4. Seattle 27-16
    They have a better offense and defense
  5. Seahawks win 35-20 because they have better team chemistry because bill bye is the team chemist
  6. Lions win 35-20 because when the seahawk swoops down to land on the beach the lion will walk up and eat it.
  7. 27-0 Seahawks

    Because the lions are 0-3 and the seahawks have just been unlucky

    28-14 Seahawks

    Because Seahawks are the better team
  8. Detroit 38. Seattle17

    Reason? It's the exactly opposite of what Moosey picks, and he hasn't been right so far. 
  9. seattle 34 Detroit 10 the seahawks D will be too much for the lions

    seattle 37 Detroit 13 seahawks with homefield and Wilson is on fire
  10. Seattle 28
    Detroit 22
    Seattle wins at end
  11. Seattle 26
    Detroit 23
    Seattle wins with fg
  12. Seattle 26
    Detroit 20
    Seattle wins with td
  13. Seahawks 33 lions 8
    Because their offence is sick as hell

    Seahawks 25 lions 11
    Because the lions suck 
  14. Seahawks 38-21
    Seahawks 27-13
    Because Moose is always right when he say who is winning :p n Seahawks been playing so well!
  15. Seahawks 32-14

    Lions running game non-existent n Seattle D has a field day.
  16. 37-18

    Because moose picked 38-17
  17. Seahawks 18-8 cuz Seahawks are better and need to win
  18. Seahawks 17 Lions 14

    Both offenses struggle. Both defenses step up.
  19. Seahawks 23-10 because they have beast mode sitting on the bench doing the crotch chop

    Edit: Finger assassin below me stole my guess now we have to split the pot :(
  20. Seahawks 23 lions 10

    Boring, sloppy game between two offenses that aren't as good as we thought they'd be.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.