NFL score picking contest. 10'xtal give away

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  1. Packers 33
    Bears 11

    Packers will run the bears over like they always have.
  2. Packers 35-14

    Aaron Rodgers is going to go off for the win
  3. Prediction: Green Bay over Chicago, 27-20

    Reason: Rodgers will lead Green Bay to victory but without Nelson it will be a struggle. Also Fox is now coaching in Chicago.

  4. Yeah I bet she will be on fire
  5. Packers 26-15

    2 point conversions may become mainstream after the PAT changes...

    Bears 24-18

    Bears pull one out of the hat, maybe with a Defensive TD
  6. Oops
  7. Packers 43- bears 21

    Because I like to guess

    Packers 28 - bears 12
    Because they win a lot (allegedly?)
  8. Bears 28-14.

    I think since it's the first game Gb might not be so hot
  9. Packers 31-17

    The packers offense is always good, 'nuff said
  10. Packers 24-7

    The Bears without Brandon Marshall is definitely going to hurt, they have Alston Jeffery who is a great receiver but not many other weapons besides forte in the backfield. On the other hand Green Bay has an elite offense with Rodgers lady and Cobb, going up against a not great defense. They'll probably score more than 24 points I predicted but who knows.
  11. Packers win. 34-20
    Cutler couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

    Second guess.
    Bears win 20-14
    Even a blind man hits the bullseye once in a while and Packers haven't had time to gel yet.
  12. Packers 21 bears 10

    Packers 34 bears 17

    Packers are too strong in depth for the Bears, cutler is on borrowed time and Rogers is a future hall of famer.
  13. Packers 27-19

    Packers click

    Bears 27-19

    Few lucky plays give them the win
  14. Packers:31-14


    Packers: 39-20
  15. Nvm my last post someone out what I said already I say packers win 24-10! :lol:
  16. Packers 38-20

    The Packers lost Jordy, but they still have some great targets, it won't slow them down that much. The Bears weren't very impressive last year, I expect Forte to carry them to a touchdown and a field goal, and for Bennett to get a touchdown as well.


    Bears 28-24

    The Packers start off a little out of sync with the lose of Jordy, so the Bears get a little break, and are just barely able to get an interception or two and take the lead.
  17. Packers 49
    Bears 17

    Bears defense is pathetic. Green Bay offense is filled with weapons (even with Jordy Nelson out).
  18. Here's currently all of the scores that are picked and valid:

    28-17 Moose
    24-10 NotCub
    9-17 Sltydgx
    35-13 Nighthawk_FPBO_1
    31-13 Corsair
    24-14 Cobra
    27-10 Cobra
    41-6 xXx-_-WoGs_HoTTy-_-xXx
    31-21 Cobra
    24-21 Cobra
    21-13 Cow
    27-13 -IlI-BigCheez-III
    27-17 -IlI-BigCheez-III
    32-10 dragonballIIIIIIzIIIIIIIIIswag
    42-15 Sweet_Pineapple
    24-22 XDHX-RevolverZ-XDHX
    26-14 CraCkFaRrOkH
    38-17 XxX_Maxster12_XxX
    35-6 Joe_KaW_Guy
    33-20 Hydra-Shok
    28-10 X____Solitaire____X
    27-16 X____Solitaire____X
    24-17 LordRohit
    24-13 Rikkimaru
    28-22 Alexmb
    33-11 extremzz
    35-14 BvbBlaine
    27-20 ATC_RoBiN-HoOd_ATC
    26-15 Bad-Advice
    43-21 Eggsy
    28-12 Eggsy
    31-17 Cobra
    24-7 Bruhhhh
    34-20 Warlock
    21-10 _-X-_TEMPTATION_-X-_
    34-17 _-X-_TEMPTATION_-X-_
    27-19 Bad-Advice
    31-14 IIlll-IIII-TU-RT-LE-llll-lllII
    39-20 IIlll-IIII-TU-RT-LE-llll-lllII
    38-20 -Narwhal
    49-17 USUAL-michaelbrs-SUSPECTS

    21-15 -Dak-
    24-21 Crazyp23
    28-21 -DotNet-
    15-13 lIlIxX-IW_Rio_IW-XxlIlI
    24-17 IIl_GREYSUPERMAN65_lII
    31-27 iAmJacksCompleteLackOfSurprise
    24-18 Bad-Advice
    28-14 Cobra
    20-14 Warlock
    27-19 Bad-Advice
    28-24 -Narwhal
  19. First guess: Packers 17 - Bears 10

    Second guess: Packers 28 - Bears 17

    The reason my two predictions is that the Packers lost a big threat to their offense with Jordy Nelson getting injured for the whole season with a knee injury. But, they still have a run game and Aaron will make it happen. The Bears are not who they used to be and struggle on both sides of the ball and will have a tough time putting up an abundant amount of points.
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