NFL score picking contest. 10'xtal give away

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Moose2, Sep 13, 2015.

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  1. So, are you ready for some football? Of course you are! And if you're not, then shame on you!

    Sol I've been authorized to release xtals to the winner of my contest, so, here is how it will work.

    If you're the FIRST person on my thread to
    1. Correctly pick the winner if this weeks game
    2. Provide the EXACT final score
    3. Provide me with a reason

    You'll win xtals!

    This week the xtal pot is at 10 xtals. If no one wins, the pit will roll over and next week we will play for 20 xtals, and so on and so on, until someone claims the prize.

    Any and all edited posts will be disqualified, so please don't do that.

    Also, please limit your self to 2 guesses Lee page. If you guess more than 2 times per page, I will not recognize any guesses beyond the second one that you post.

    Under normal circumstances I'd provide you with a professional analysis of the game, along with official odds from Vegas, but I simply didn't have the time today. Sorry.

    Anyhow, here is my moosey guess. (Feel free to steal it, as I am not allowed to win)

    The game
    Packers vs bears

    The venue
    Somewhere in Chicago

    Analysis: the Bears are terrible. Awful even, so I have given you an easy game to pick. Aaron Rogers is an elite QB who is still in his prime,make the pack is ready to kick some ass after their crushing play off loss. Plus, coach McCarthy has grown a manly beard for some reason.

    Anyhow, historically, the packers beat the Bears, both in Green Bay and Chicago, and I see no reason for that statistic to change this year. Look for a dominant packer presence, as their offense is good, and the Bears really are quite horrible on both sides of the ball.

    Winner: packers
    Final score: packers 28, Bears 17
    Reason: historical trend for the last 20 years has been in green bays favor. Math doesn't lie.

    Anyhow, good luck on all your picks!
  2. Hayne to win
  3. Jesus I haven't even watched any games this year yet.

    I need to catch up, but uh... Broncs for life.
  4. Packers


    I just think packers have better offense over the Bears offense and that will help them . amazing defense
  5. Bears 9
    Packers 27
    Reasons idk lol I almost always pick packers in football pools. patriots fan myself .
  6. Packers 35
    Bears 13

    Rodgers gonna feast in a cake walk
  7. Packers 31
    Bears 13

    Bears no good packers great
  8. Packers win 24-14
    The packers have almost always won against the Bears. They'll only win by 10 because they're missing Cobb and it's in Chicago
  9. Packers win 27-10

    The packers defense will have a strong game and their offense will have a field day
  10. Packers

    I think GB is going to use this game to show that offense off and the Bears wont be able to stop them or keep their own hands on the ball for very long
  11. Packers win 31-21.

    Aaron Rodgers will be on fire like usual, Cutler is no match!
  12. Packers win 24-21

    Close game considering it's a new year, Gb is missing Cobb, and it's in Chicago
  13. 21-13 Packers
    Aaron Rodgers. Do I need to say anymore?
  14. Packers 27-13

    Second guess

    Packers 27-17

    Packers have too many weapons and Bears D is not what is was in the last few years.
  15. Packers -32
    Bears -10
    I have Aaron Rodgers on my fanasty team bcuz he is a straight up baller so greenbay will win hands down but the Bears will get a couple lucky shots in
  16. Packers 42 Bears 15

    Reason: Packers have a really good offense much better than the Bears while having all around good defense that still surpasses the Bears.
  17. 31-12 packers, Rodgers will be to much to handle.
  18. Bears 21
    Packers 15
    Because I'm a Chicagoan and I want the Bears to actually win. and it's a new year
  19. Packers will win 27-13. As mentioned, bears aren't good enough so expecting a favorable game for the packers.
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