NFL Champions

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  1. Pat mane all the way
  2. Here’s the current odds on the futures:

    Top 10:

    Rams 4:1
    Saints 9:2
    Chiefs 5:1
    Patriots 7:1
    Steelers 10:1
    Chargers 12:1
    Bears 20:1
    Vikings 20:1
    Texans 25:1
    Panthers 33:1

    Bottom 3:

    Raiders 5000:1
    49ers 1000:1
    Jets 1000:1
    Giants 1000:1
    Cardinals 1000:1

    The Chiefs, Patriots and Steelers offer the best bang for the buck.

    With that said, I’m going with the Saints.
  3. Gonna be either saints/Rams vrs chiefs/Patriots too early to tell but I nabbed it last year with the Patriots vrs eagles SB. I'm a die hard browns fan and drew Brees fan but no bias here. I think ovl saints have the biggest struggle of making it but I can see a wild card like the Steelers or Seahawks getting there.
  4. I think the Rams are more likely to drop a game against the Chiefs next Monday night. I also think they’ll have trouble playing in Chicago (traveling East to play at Soldier in December won’t be easy). Whereas the Saints might drop one against the Panthers and be a 2.5 point favorite against the Steelers.

    The NFC wildcards are going to be the Panthers & a team from the NFC North (Packers have the more favorable remaining schedule). No way will the Seahawks make the playoffs this year. They’ll be lucky to win 3 more games this season.
  5. LA Chargers vs NO Saints Brees vs His understudy Rivers!
  6. Second !!!!

    Chiefs defense gets better every game.
  7. Detroit lions...oh sorry I thought you meant who’s getting first pick
  8. I was hoping nobody would win the game but once again the Patriots take it....

    I see a few people in the thread got it right.

    To all the Rams fans....#TheSaintsWouldHaveWon