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  1. Hey Folks,
    Since nfl is watched all over the world, I was wondering which is the most popular franchise here in KaW.
    Would be a crazy idea if we could make a bet on SB champions thou :)

    My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers.
    I’m not from the U.S. so I was free to choose from any :D
    Those crazy cheeseheads up the north are very sympathetic :))
    they keep on celebrating and screaming even their team is about to lose and it’s like freezing every day :D : D

    Nevertheless I think Saints will win against Rams at SB 2019

    Now it’s up to you forumers:
    Who’s gonna win the SB? :)
  2. Nah. Won’t happen.
    They are 4-5....
  3. The Saints and Rams are in the same division, otherwise, not a bad guess.
  4. Oh :D I’m a noob :D :D
    I pick the Chiefs otherwise :)
    But Saints will win it either way :D
  5. Cleveland Browns

    Patriots Obviously
  6. I would love to see pole dancing at the Olympics :D
    But I wanna judge ! I don’t think men would be able to judge fairly :D
  7. Pats baby!! Do your job!!
  8. bear down chicago bears
  9. I’ll go with the Chiefs
  10. I second that
  11. Rugby with pads,should call it throw ball.
    Its a shame you call it football,real football already exist and they use their feet not their hands
  12. The thoughts of everyone outside of America!
  13. Re: NFL Champion

    It's watched outside America? I don't know anyone here that watches it
  14. Re: NFL Champion

    You are from tangra. Only thing you know is running ;-)
  15. Alt alert
  16. Jags. Not the best year for them even though they have so much potential =/