Next Svergunti EB idea

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by jstrong58, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. So a big issue people see in Kaw today is the lack of loyalty to a specific clan and people constantly jumping around...

    I was just thinking and this idea ran through my head.

    How about the next EB released in the Svergunti series (the eb that mirrors goth and will be in rotation with Noth) have a similar aspect to goth where there are limited items that have high rewards. Say this time there are only 10 possible items and limit each player to 1 or 2 of them (have a cool down in the marketplace once you use one of the items in an eb), but have this in phase 1 or 2.

    This would encourage people to stay in one clan for longer as they wait to get their larger reward from the eb ending; starting this pattern would be a step in the right direction for getting people to stay in one clan aka become a perm somewhere.

    I kno clans can say perms only still but if you add more than just 1 and have it in an earlier phase of the eb it’ll likely be a perm unless people actually join at the start of ebs, win-win.

    I know the next eb in line won’t come out for awhile but this thread can give Winston the idea for the next eb and be able to have time to actually make it.

    People please support/no support this and let me know your thoughts. Mods plz try and bring attention as I believe this would be a big help for the community aspect of the game that has kept us all here!

  2. Nobody cares about this drivel, no.
  3. I care...
  4. I think the vast majority of people jump strictly to complete the legends/events and maintain leaderboard status - not for extra plunder. So unless it dropped something that people wanted, like extra event items, I do not honestly believe it would make much of an impact - if at all. Honestly, I personally don't like the idea of it dropping extra event items, but that was just an example of something related to the main reason that I jump and I see people jumping for. Just my opinion though.

    Also, hi J! ️
  5. Yuh
  6. The people who jump are the guys who are competing for the legends leaderboard so I can't see that idea working to be honest!!
  7. Quite a few have tried to tackle the problem that is clan loyalty. But as long as the legends are here. We will probably never see it...