Next set of Legends?

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by The-Black-Monk, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Can we see some Legends that require all of KaW to pitch in? Use X amount of Y potion on attacks/assassinates in EBs? Server must complete X number of EBs?
  2. They already done events like that before global collection of certain stuff earns everyone drops

    But not since legends, it's still new I'm sure they have all kind of plans
  3. Sounds good. Support!,
  4. It would be good to change things up instead of repeating the same thing every time. Support
  5. We need element legends now,the mage is getting old and his fail rate is getting ridiculous
  6. It's not "getting" it is and always has been ridiculous. The difference is now it's easier because nothing goes back to 0.

  7. It's the fail rate now especially when it's the upper lev and up to 35 of each element,what is given out in the rewards even if reaching the 40k barely scratches the surface when ug'ing.
  8. Pertaining to aqua and inferno cost being up yea that part is getting ridiculous I agree. But the post I quoted didn't mention it. Just the fail rates.

  9. The fail rates have increased,its just the resets that are gone,but will they reappear when enchanting the old equip if you transmute it and try to do enchanting agsin,imagine the cost of the electric bow.
  10. Towards the above, you can't enchant an item after it's been transmuted
  11. In reference to old equipment still resetting, yes it does. If you try to enchant old equipment they can still drop levels on you. I had many today that went down in level while I was enchanting them.
  12. Just found that out with the TT shield drop had a fail at level 3 and it reset to zero,the old equip carries the old enchanting problems.
  13. Can we see a new idea on forums for once?