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  1. Was reading through my old threads and came across this butthurt comment. I agree that it's not about the number of mods but more so about how active they are. The issue is that kaw in general has evolved and on top of that mods now are required to be 18+ which in most cases means less time so less activity. This means the load needs to be spread out more.

    Honestly I want to see more mods who have not just good understanding of the ToU but also have good visibility. Few mods are visible within the community now and this actually separates them from within the community instead of them being someone you go to with ideas or the one you ask for help. Mods are the bridge between the devs and the community and the lack of visibility makes this bridge crumble. Yes I understand it's hard to be visible all the time but there are some mods who are never seen outside of cc.

    Also please don't make this about me. I don't want this thread to be about me at all because I just care about keeping the game as active as possible and this is always a fun topic for the community as there is always someone getting upset or angry about others being mentioned or just the topic :lol:
  2. As an extra note I kinda wish there was more transparency in regards to things like VK and mod with the community. There may be a lot of trolls out there but they are easy to spot. If the dev/admin team worked closer with the community I feel like a lot more could be achieved and both sides would benefit more.
  3. Just realized nearly 3 months on and still no updates other than a couple mods leaving and some of them being made vk
  4. They should remove all actual mods, except a few, because there are some mods that are totally useless.. All karma is good at on mod duty is talking in wc by example. Never saw him locking a thread or answering reports. Eagle def deserves it, but IMO, he should be a Forum Mod. All the locks/warning recently were done by him. I don't know why ATA removed Forum mod.
  5. Kezzer would be a awesome mod.
  6. I guess we'll have to be more pacient mate. Keep the devs on their toes kez time will come :) maybe they they don't do this annually who knows.
  7. DeIta of course.
  8. Not really. An ass kisser like him would be an useless addition to the majority of silent mods we have. Our mute mods almost never have opinions or conflicting opinions with the dev's decisions.

    Someone who'd be a good asset to the team is "IA-CrazyRuggy".

    I've never seen her brown nose for a badge. Most of the stuff she says is spot on with what the devs are doing wrong with KaW.
    Maybe a little too abrasive, but I'd take that over the plethora of ass kissers I see in the forums, doing it for a badge.
  9. Point me to where kezzer ass kisses the devs. Point me to where crazyruggy has helped anyone.
  10. Who's crazyruggy?
  11. I wanted to be a nod. I didn't know how to do it
  12. Just wanted to say that brown nosing and being positive are completely different things. People time and time again seem to overlook any criticism I have posted towards the devs or mods in the past or even recently e.g. s6.
  13. Well glad you helped yourself or who?

  14. We didn't overlook your inactivity during wars though.
  15. You mean the one time I lost signal and I was just annoyed as you were? Please keep it on topic as this thread isn't about me.
  16. Its clear with the ata accounts they are moving away from player based mods/vks

    (Mods leak proved why this should be done)

    Players should not be policing each other its pretty easy to see why.
  17. #milky4dev2k22
  18. Glad to hear youre doing something good. But whats youre strengths?
  19. Better start talking to us here
  20. The thing is.

    It's hard to say who should become mod or vk any more.

    As there's so much lacking on the forums now a days and people don't even hold their selves in the same manner anymore

    People speak down to other players.

    Ashes is great and all. I'll call him a great friend happily. Same with cheese. Got huge respect for both of them.

    They really do create a presence. Yes. But many don't listen to them and they both are truly just here to enjoy the game for themselves