New World Order vs Aurora

Discussion in 'Wars' started by KillerNumber, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. Deep fried chocolate covered bacon.
  2. Anyways as i said. how bout you alert your clan about our on going strip its in CA... Hope you can alert your self if your stripped? American people smh.
  3. Killers not naked. Nor is he in danger of losing much. But keep him in your ca
  4. I should fix that. He is technically naked. Though I don't count that until he's actually cleared. Which you obviously didn't do
  5. People fry butter...
  6. looks pretty naked to me... just saying
  7. How do they fry ice cream?
  8. Ribi. His allies gone at 6:02. He's pinned at 6:05. He wasn't yet zeroed on spies. All in all. You got less then two full bars steals on him as a clan. Good job. Very naked
  9. Sky I hate to say it but he's been naked for more than you think. Have your mole count the FB on #2 attacking a ps with gold out and #19
  10. Anybody else craving cereal right now?
  11. No..I don't like cereal with milk, goes soggy
  12. As yes. Number two. Who was in ca as naked and offline while talking in forums. I love how much you hurt sword
  14. I just got a million dollar idea...FRIED RAMEN!
  15. Goodluck to both sides
  16. No wait, deep fried.
  17. :D Thank you King!
  18. @hera idk which ss ur talking about. I would like to see them, I have asked a couple friends for a hand. And I'm sure u have aswell

    Now about he stripping topic, just today dbad1 has attempted to strip me 15-20 times today, took from 50m up to 3-4b at most.
  19. DBAD has his own agenda, I don't control him when he decides to strip someone, as for the SS's, why don't you ask DBAD yourself?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.