New World Order vs Aurora

Discussion in 'Wars' started by KillerNumber, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. hate to bust your bubble but i have been tracking and i did notice that but i also noticed a few of your tanks plus a few 3millcs plus accounts leave check your ebs actvity list. plus what happen to duck the last time i noticed that noob he was raging. then i tracked him down and hes 100kcs :lol:
  2. Also the 2 drops ur talking about were "prophet" and llllll7th_signlllllll which were moles that I kicked
  3. I think both sides had a few people now out. It's not an abnormal process for an osw.
  4. That's very true. Most OSWs lose people from both sides within the first few days. Generally that accounts for guests and people who really just want to hit EBs.
  5. DBAD a few pages back, pretty sure GogoRambo corrected ME for not using you're lol.
  6. I good english
  7. I better english
  8. I bestest english
  9. Do you even English?
  10. @WWW, I'm just defending my clan. Plus...I'm against an off system war anyway.
  11. Funny how a 1 year old account remembers when war was the only thing hmm I smell a noob
  12. Might wanna get your nose checked out because I've been KaWing nearly 4 years now.
  13. Nice EB history NWO , pippin, you have a 1 year achievement badge......
  14. This wasn't my original account! 
  15. And I'm redstar.^
Thread Status:
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