New World Order vs Aurora

Discussion in 'Wars' started by KillerNumber, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. But azzaro I bought all that crappy cologne your company makes you know the chrome line of cologne!!
  2. You must be smexy for it to take full effectiveness. Take this to PM Balto?
  3. Naww I think this rather deviant conversation is fine for forums after all I did just speak in WC saying your ripped off my sisters head and are using it as a stereo for your car 0.0
  4. Your sister hardcore brah
  5. Dude. My sis DOES go hard. Howd you know?!?

    Actually lol @ honcho
  6. 737B isn't anything to brag about lol, I have taken more in 30 minutes with my alts on a strip.
  7. @Naked

    You have like 30 accounts :lo:
  8. My first bb code error this year :lol:
  9. Val you dont count
  10. Lol you think that's val
  11. Having the time to argue about who's right and wrong on forums means you're either pinned or not getting enough inc.
  12. LOL Ikr rikkimaru
  13. Naked ain't me

  14. Can't we all just relax and enjoy a potato?
  15. It's funny how NWO members trash talk but once they start getting their ass handed to then their all "no need to trash talk it's all for fun" if it's all for fun then why bother arguing when someone says they have you pinned? Yes I left the clan to grow, they are in an OSW I don't make a difference I was hitting your smaller accounts but no inc so I left to grow, I don't see anything wrong with that! It's crazy how much you wrote to save your ass sky!
  16. I wrote for five minutes. After unloading on your members. If I'm such a joke sentinel. Why are more reapers In my families council then yours
  17. @Savage, I haven't trashed anybody once and I'm in NWO. Also, you left the clan, you're not really part of this anymore.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.