New World Order vs Aurora

Discussion in 'Wars' started by KillerNumber, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. Hmm, I wonder why?
  2. My Timezone is PST. Man up and strip me, prove that your only capabilities aren't limited to stripping people on vacation...... My hopes aren't that high for this one .

    You idiots are making this OSW experience a laughable and rather unenjoyable one, were so bored of you that we're hitting each other .....

    Don't even play the small card, now that's pathetic..... What's even more pathetic though is the strips you pulled, two guys on vacation..... And your bragging...?

    You want to see what real strips look like? Scroll down your roster 

    One more thing..... Pippin. You expect inc yet your turtling.... But **** your logic amirite? Oh and I've pinned you, yw honey 

    Me, Farr and Monster are begging for a strip, man the hell up NWO 
  3. Turtling? I was at about 15% when I got my last inc. I wasn't turtling, in fact, I was on regen.
  4. LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO @"almost certainly when we run out of big people to hit"

    @sky more like when your out of pin!
  5. that forum warrior doe
  6. Change to New World Comedians y'all be having my ass cracking up! Lol and killer I'm the forum warrior? Seems like that's what your clan is made up of, when I was at my HC(Aurora) they report inc in CC and tbh with you it's rare whenever they posted any inc! I wonder if y'all just sit and think of how much bull crap comes out of y'all's mouth! Like if y'all actually attacked us as much as you say you do I think y'all would actually win… what's wrong with me no y'all wouldn't!
  7. Do not digress.

    Do not try to save face

    There is none to save.
  8. under 20% is dtw right?
  9. not for anything but some of u guys take this game wayyy to serious lol just hit and have fun lol
  10. Ok first of. There have been more hen two strips

    Second. Stripping someone on vacation is absolutely an intelligent war strategy. Anytime you plan for a long war, and since you've said nwO will disband we expect you to at least not surrender for a few weeks, you plan to strip only when you expect to win, or when the risk is incredibly outweighed by the reward. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot with too much gold and not enough brains, much like those stupid kids who always wear pink shorts and collared shirts (they daddies a lawyer. You can't arrest em). Don't be that kid. If they are offline or say in your clan chat they will be away for a day or two and we believe it. We strip. Stripping someone when they say this is my tz. This is when I'll be asleep is stupid. Either a) we trust you are telling us the truth. Which is stupid to do when it's an enemy. Or b) you really are telling the truth and we know it. But you set an alarm that night or something of the sorts. Or c) you're a worthless strip. That's how it works

    You constantly have these statements such as we are collectively idiots, we are collectively making this funny, we are pathetic. Things like that. It's really none sense. If you count the amount of us who have been singled out individually by one or more of your members as deserving respect or hitting. You notice more then half our roster. If the majority of us do not fall into your collectivety then as a whole we are not. That is just common sense

    Savage. I regen to full or half bar before every outgoing hits session. Based on how busy I am. When I'm pinned it's because I just hit your guys. But it's not like you'd know that. You'll have to run from your clan to grow ten more wars before you're big enough to hit me.

    Don't pretend your clan reported inc in cc. It's almost exclusively been infighting today. How many of your guys have the other guys accused of being moles?

    Even barcode, as big an idiot as he is, said he had to leave your clan because too much fighting so now he's trying alone, which has ha me gain respect for him.

    Since I need a good closing thing, because why not, I'll leave it at this. I said I would protect my family. And I am. I put aside grudges (I was hitting a member here until the war starte. And now rather then hating each other we have a mutual respect and are working together to hit you.) I've continued to repot from the few unloads a day I send to hansels or pure spies with gold out, which allows me to continue to participate in the strips that go on daily. I don't always agree with this or that, it's a game afterall, and what's important is what we make of it. You think you're winning. I think we're winning. And I have to say that neither of us are right because we win or lose based on what we get from it.
  11. Less talky more inc :))
  12. Just for the record, I have nothing against any of you. And you people keep hurling insults just because they are in the opposite clan, it's incredibly childish and rather unnecessary. But it wont stop. This'll just get buried. But before you (and some already have) get too serious, just remember it is all for fun, it's not like it's a real war or anything. So just...calm down.
  13. I think thats a good way to end the trash talk and thread?
  14. Idk bro. It seems funny to me. NWO takes the low road in and tries to take the high road out. I not buying it.

    Talk ethics on a mmorpg.

    Talk is cheap.
  15. I would like to take this opportunity to mention, I have a lot of respect to a fair few members in NWO. Got a lot of friends in that clan, and much respect for those guys.

    Additionally, I take this OSW about as seriously as I take a rally in online pong. We do this for fun, and I hope no one in Nwo gets genuinely offended by our joking around.
  16. Can't we all just get along!
  17. No, you must die Balto :evil:
  18. Holy walls of text batman, can someone give me a summary?
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