New World Order vs Aurora

Discussion in 'Wars' started by KillerNumber, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. I honestly think NWO are inbred.
    Aurora will win. I bet my genitals on it.
  2. well said ! even if I say so myself !!!!
  3. you were thinking it !
  4. Rofl mork :lol:

    I'm not gunna lie, hitting inbreds is imoral but when they try to talk **** they just deserve t really
  5. Keep the young ones like op alive. I wanna see what an experiment gone wrong looks like.

    Ooohhhh it's bubbly
  6. So awkward...... Lol

    Respect to Farr for being the first person to zero my spies this war:)
  7. Respect to hd. Most inc I've had has been from you, killer and benana. Good warriors.
  8. Why did most accounts turn hansel and ps
  9. Too much talk, not enough inc.
  10. Let's all just shut the **** up and fight
  11. Agree with that. No more childish smack talk. We can settle this with our troops.
  12. Well when you barely get any inc, what else are you supposed to do? :lol:
  13. If you weren't a worthless target you would receive incoming.
  14. The quality of this thread has diminished significantly...
  15. Oh look it's swod come to another war thread I'm on to support other side. Swod this year can I just tell you to go inactive and you'll quit for three months or do I actually have to waste three days of my time to do it again. Maybe if once in your life you joined a war. Rather then talked **** on someone else's thread, which has led to two seperate occasions I've had to farm you till you hid for a few months, you might be worth caring about. But your opinion is meaningless. It's like hearing justin beiber try to insult queen
  16. Support to whatever side Sky isn't on :lol:

    Much love buddy

  17. See if I watch ya Starcraft stream after that boss man
  18. I wasn't a worthless target at the beginning of this OSW, as a matter of fact, I was the most loved.

    What happened? :cry:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.