New We are Rogue Banter thread.

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Semzz, Feb 28, 2017.

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  1. No rogue i been fighting a iG member satanssaltycream since yesterday. i dont need do the pvp event . Those are only weekend warriors all for show.
  2. do i heres some screenshots
  3. Fake news! Ronald never hits anyone. He just walls them and posts pictures of their profiles. :lol:

    Here's a bet that Ronald is going to post a few more pictures as "proof".
  4. Photoshop is easy.
  5. Ayy. Ronald is pretty good at photoshop and making fake OSW history up :shock:
  6. Oh wow Ronald. So many defends! You win at life. Amazing job, here's another cookie kiddo.

    Kinda surprised that ATA hasn't modded you yet or even made you a dev. :p
  7. Hi Mikey. i have to say its pretty disgusting how any member of dkod would attack you.After all that you have did for them over the years. Mikey even dropped me when i joined death inc when i didnt know that death inc was family to dkod and i joined to do some ebs. Puns had sayed to him obviously roni is dkod clan farm. That shows what low lifes they are when knew Mikey was visiting dragonfly in apoc.But hit him anyway knowing he had- had their backs over the years .

  8. This is fairy tale #3 for those who cannot keep track.

    Please stay tuned, Ronald will post few more images alongside paragraphs of atrocious grammar to bolster his word warrior skills.

    Plot twist: He's had their "fronts" over the years too!
    So exciting! Will we know more on the next episode of "Fairy tales with Ronald?"
  9. Actually what really happened was this :
    Mike came back from his vacation and rejoined us and jumped into osw. After a short time he decided he didn't want to osw and left to make his new clan death inc. ascension. Not long after that he went to join true Spartans for some ebs, and we had been targeting true Spartans and hit at the time because we were determined to force a merge, a small devil who had no idea who he was (Mike) hit him while he was at true Spartans. (Our enemy clan mind you). Mike got real offended and went off on a tirade in world chat saying alot of untrue and dirty things about dkod.

    It was that tirade, and those dirty and untrue things that he said that made him a target. He did it to himself, but feel free and pity him, we all do. If he'd stop being scared to grow and rejoin my hit range I'd remind him that he's still a target to me. We targeted no other death inc. ascension just him.

    So there you have it, so close yet so far away again old girl. You keep telling your distorted half truths and I'll keep debunking them. You know nothing old girl. ;)

  10. venom calls me out in this thread to " hit me bro in my newsfeed " yet hasnt hit me once since doing it .
  11. Dang Roni pulling out the ss to prove facts!! 
  12. You do realise posting an SS of someone's profile doesn't prove anything, yes?
    Ronald is highly delusional and lives in LaLa land with the trolls. Hence the constant rambling on threads about random things. His MO is this, he trash talks and makes a story up which might have a a strand of truth to it, then posts a couple of memes and SS and starts chest beating over nothing. All you need to do is give Ronald a few words and he'll spin a story out of it. :lol:

    We must recognize that poor Ronald has mental issues and needs help.

    I hope he happens to find the attack button soon, sadly I haven't had any Inc from him. :(
  13. hi Arrow. Actually Mikey who used to be DI - SithLord or some similer star wars screenname had retired for over 2 years from kaw.He left when death inc wasnt in osw .When he returns he re opens death inc again first. Then Death inc Ascension follows a few weeks later. If he wants to grow his account first before diving straight into osw then thats his choice.He has 2 years of stats to catch up on.where having a break from kaw has seen others massively overtake him. But you backstabbing lowlife fake friends cant handle someone having their own mind .He wants to re open his old clan then good for him .He obviously is still respected because many left dkod to go and re build his old clan . You just showed how noone should give their time and support to dkod because all they do is use you and then when it dont go their own way will try to bully you in a gang.
  14. You are a big liar venom. i have hit you plenty but you never hit back. i even won 2 steals on you 10 minutes ago. Yet you have massive spys. Even when i catch you out of dtw ,you still never hit back. Venom is just a foot soldier on kaw and will never make it to be a front line boss. He is a useless & rubbish fighter.You not even worth me talking to you because you lie too much . So from now on venom/knight the war chicken is ignored.
  15. This thread is an embarrassment.
  16. hi Ty aka venom/knight. and i forgot 1 more osw that i was in - Th3 Monst3rs versus Accoustic sunrise . This can be verefied also !! The hosts of this thread are very boring they dont bring much conversation to the thread.
  17. I'm back forums, now who can I roast hmm????
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