New war type

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by badman-ting, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. So basically in essence, considering this is supposed to be a war game, why is the only type of war available lowland wars? Surely incorporating war into almost all aspects of the game would drive nost to participate? From my experience, a lot of people arent keen on war due to the high risk osw can pose to clans, nobody wants to be stripped and lose months of hard work all down to a disagreement or an aggressive clan, so therefore i propose several different types of war, perhaps normal full build wars that offer a different route through a legend? Not just victory tokens or the pvp event but maybe a legend line that unlocks war equipment in theme with the current event? Im not too sure on ideas myself as i rarely war, but im sure theres quite a few people on here that have some suggestions on different war types and rewards, because after all, this is a war game and maybe new ideas and implements could bring war back to a favourable option among players? Idk, let me know thoughts and ideas, would be nice to see if people agree or disagree
  2. No thanks, this isn’t a war game this is an event game now. Let me focus on getting my furnishings pretty
  3. Replying on a charm farm hmm very "original"