New War Round Type

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  1. Because there alts for free 300 items...duh. No more serious LL clans.
  2. Just because the few serious clans that remain won't take you in, does not mean that they aren't around lol
  3. I war with UN, other then NE, Cindy and UN are there any other LL clans? Some war times there's 1 matchup and both are FFA alts.
  4. Why there is no equipment for warriors? People who are hitting ebs and spending $$$ are getting top 10 equipment top 50 equipment and t100. Why not warriors? This game is a war game, right? No equipment for war events is the only reason why signup for ll wars have decreased. A ll war clan nowadays will cast main in 1 clan and their alts in other clan and they will show that their alts are warring and giving them a hard fight by doing 1-2x attack/steal and getting 15-20m plunder. Wake up devs, it's kingdoms at WAR. You guys are killing wars, u guys have already killed ll by not giving war equipment and indi by bringing charms in wars.

  5. Winston, you might need to look into that currently , i will share example so you will understand better .

    There are players who have 400b+ bfe from charms which will be more than a top 10 ally lb bfa , when match up happens they are clan rank(CR) 7-8 based on bfa and stats where as they can kill cr 1,2 on opponent easily and more powerful thier own CR 1,2 . If the charms are considered same as bfa in match making that person will be same CR1 in his clan and team will be adjusted . Like if a top 10 ally lb is in CR1 then opponent roster has 2 top 20 ally lb to match his strength which isnt happening . Same way some top 50 ally lb has high bfe from charms but since the algorithm is not same added the match up are not balanced. So charms need to factor similar as bfa as they give strenth like bfa to the players .

    Please consider making roster indi roster with 30 players also which will help team to make better strategy as thier will be plenty of target.

    Thank You
  6. Match making has always been terrible, scrap ee altogether and work on making a system out of osw.
    Like track strips on accounts in clans
    Allies hired/gold taken/atk-spy actions won and lost and even let a player be hit til zero like ee and u get a plunder bonus for ko.
    Idk but ee wars are just wack a mole pretty much and are quite frankly pretty boring.
    Just some ideas for future.
  7. Charms have messed up the ee wars.they let tiny players hit above there range and the l a ever player can't hit them back.
  8. There is actually a lot of people on te bench because of the war system... and We are talking Charms ... and how they affect the game play, I would say they Ok for EB and maybe OSW, But for System Wars They need to be rebalance or CAP , so a 10x Build can hit that med/small build like it should stat/equip/ally/spell/items based,

    I remember during S3 we always look at enemies Equip and we where wow that guy has S2 Equip he’s gonna mess us up, or that guy is Ally LB 149, it was even better to see big LB being under 20mcs and that was reachable, too many lands to catch up, but charms need to be rebalance so this game Can last another 8 years and please NO MORE LANDS.... that i might say was one of the biggest mistakes of this game... no waiting a couple of years after the HF