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  1. Please add admin roles in indi only enough to write targets in ca also dtw/dts sucks you should just put all in tiers where everybody can hit everybody you need like 2 wc to war one war with hit restrictions on
  2. People keep complaining about dts and dtw this is to prevent little ones from swarming
  3. Hit restrictions need to stay on these wars are perfect if removed it will be just like regular indi this forces people to hit in there range and makes it more challenging Please do not turn off hit restrictions
  4. Allies and kingdom war was great... warred with people I have never warred with before and had a good time. Thanks devs for changing things up
  5. Find target u can hit lmao
  6. Not really. Having dtw and dts on just makes it more luck based (Win decided on matchup) because there is no way to counter top cr's. If u get the bad top cr's and ur opponent has the good ones, u lost. Guaranteed. Because you cant hit them, and the rest of the roster combined cant outplunder them. Idiotic.
  7. Kos what difference will it make to you?
    You will never be top plunderer and why you so afraid of the small guys leaving you rekt?
    The way I see it is devs shouldn't match anybody in a tier where they can't hit people that's just my opinion but other than that I'm enjoying the Kingdom and allies wars :)
  8. Pls just fix the ko announcements back to green on iOS, I miss it and it’s not too much to ask for
  9. New wars are ace fun.
    They keep being ruined by inactives and alts but I suppose that's the same for most wars.
    Matchups have been fair enough about 75% of the time but defo some room for improvement.
  10. Really enjoyed this format. Reminds me of old times. 
  11. Make all wars this type &EE will be much better
  12. That might sought the charm stack bs out
  13. Der winston/Team,

    I would like to start by thanking you to take the initiative to improve the war system, we appreciate it and hope you all keep taking feedbacks and improve them. I know i am late in sharing these however if you all look into them it will make the wars better .

    1 - Individual Wars

    Firstly the charms arnt taken into match up making, its not fixed , ppl with stacked charms and no bfa still doesnt add into ranks , this needs to be fixed as you all informed .
    Instead of upto 15 players please make it 30players wars just like KA wars , i believe all warriors will enjoy with these 2 changes as they are enjoying KA wars since it will be more balanced matchups.

    2 - Lowland Wars

    Its time to remove these wars . As I remember these wars started as way to improve primal/round wars in testing phase and make it more fun and strategic however now its boring with 2-4 clans casting for event war tokens and community arnt participating like they were .

    Long time have been passed and instead of LL wars , please add HL and HF lands with similar war type to make it more strategic and team wars . I can assure you alot more participation will happen and it will be fun wars .

    3 - KA wars

    These are back and with 30 players as i heard, most are balanced wars and fun. I havnt tried the wars yet but incase any changes required will let you all know

    Please read it and put these point in trial basic like KA wars to make better experience

  14. Please for the love of God remove LL wars.
  15. LL wars actually have higher participation than indi wars
  16. Indi wars do factor charms into matchmaking, but just not at the same value as BFA or lands are valued at. This is something we could modify in the future.

  17. Are you counting two people casting 7 alts each for event tokens as participation? Otherwise i find this hard to beleive.
  18. Wars only matter when they can include the working mom's again. (( maybe dad's too, idk this demographic)) it's been YEARS ( since season 3 ) that I've seen a time slot or even duplicate time slots that cater to the working class mom. Again... I'll bring up the chaos wars. ((( 30 min prep, 30 min wars, 10 people playing))... etc. Its in your coding it's in your history. Look at the numbers that participated. Make this happen again. Please.
  19. Please fix the matching algorithm for EE wars. If there are 8 pure spies, put 4 on each side. I don't know if it is intentional, but I see EE war matchups with all or most of the pure spies on one side. Please fix it. Rank the pure spies, then put one on each side, alternating. The matchups will be more fair and the wars will be closer.