New War Round Type

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  1. No support. Not a great addition. 2-3 years back when we were asking for potions in ll you declined it today when we are used to no potion ll you are coming up with a stupid change. Botters won't be affected by this (if you are bringing this change because of them) it will hurt slow spammers like me :(
  2. Did not expect to see this coming. Thanks for this update, probably has some flaws but seems like a good idea to fix the charm/eq abuse
    However, I dont want temporary bonuses in lowland. It will not impact it positively. The kingdom stats are far too low to matter, so you'll have boring metas like 23/0/1/0
  3. Can you remove lowland wars. Not many wars in there. Make the ll war slot to indi wars 50 vs 50
  4.  nice hopefully a EE season is on the cards
  5. I hope this war type replaces standard indi wars
  6. Uhh no thanks charm boy
  7. This new war type what ko timer will it be .. if it’s still classic it’ll get stale fast .. reintroduce adv random ko timers to both the old Indi and this new war type that’s being released for variety .. war eq on top of this would be another welcome addition
  8. I believe it Random King

  9. Wow 30 man teams sound fun. Also nice to only have BFA bonus given theres no Equipment on war lb.
  10. Agreed.
  11. Definitely applaud the effort!! Thanks for listening!

    Just one thing - hopefully this is a simple request that I’m pretty sure would be universally appreciated and vastly improve the war experience....

    Please show your team KO’s in green and when your team gets ko’ed in red. This is how it used to be and was much better! Thanks!
  12. I can not wait to try the new war system. Does that mean towers will be relevant again. Thanks Winston.
  13. Unlikely. BFA is best combined with towerless builds.
  14. Thanks Winston. Hope it will improve war experience and increase participation. And yes bring back the green color for enemy kos
  15. after months of waiting the new war system is the same as Indy per-charms and with bigger rosters.

    I applaud the removal of charms but this is just a throwback. Some other comments:

    I know ppl like bigger rosters, but without wide scale participation in wars the difference in builds is just too great. Smaller builds just wind up bombing the big ones to reduce their effectiveness. Can easily see 20 bottom builds killing top 3 builds on each side effectively making it a 7v7 war. Not fun for most participants.

    I do not like adv wars. I see ppl begging for them but advantage wars favour diving since it’s so hard to get kos against waves. Classic and random make it harder to just dive at open and once near the end and win a war.

    Personally I don’t want to see a war system where the winning team:

    bot/auto clicks on open,
    takes a 13 min break,
    Takes a 13min break,
    takes a 13 min break,
    Xtal and bots another bar.
  16. Awesome! Thank you Winston!
  17. Agreed smaller rosters would be better atleast at first, disagree that adv shouldnt be brought back as "bot-sko-bot-sko" is mostly bs as extremely few players bot, and it is not uncounterable.
  18. Let’s abuse this new war type 
  19. I need war for Eston edge but I won't do any of these until I trade everyone elses' charms. Eb fairy time again