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  1. Hey Kawmunity,

    There's been a lot of talk of improving wars, and tons of different suggestions have been thrown around. I specifically noticed a lot of complaints around charms. Starting October 1st, there will be a 3rd type of "War Round" in the usual schedule. This is definitely a test, and I don't know how well it'll go over! I hope you all like it, but I'm open to feedback!

    War Types:


    These wars factor in all:
    Kingdom stats
    Ally stats
    Equipment stats
    Charm stats
    Temporary bonuses (spells, potions)
    Individual sign up


    These wars factor in all:
    ONLY Lowland Kingdom stats
    Temporary bonuses
    Clan sign up

    Kingdom and Ally Only:

    These wars factor in all:
    Kingdom stats
    Ally stats
    Temporary bonuses
    Individual sign up

    War Type Roster Sizes

    Individual - Up to 15 players per team
    Lowland - Exactly 15 players per team
    Kingdom and Ally Only - Up to 30 players per team

    War Schedule

    Here is the new order of wars: Indi --> Lowland --> Kingdom/Ally --> Indi etc

    Wars will follow the same time schedule they are currently on. All wars will still be 1 hour in length, with the same 1 hour preparation period.

    Questions? Feedback? I'll be around.

  2. I’m excited to try it out. Expect bugs and expect negative feedback though, you know how it goes. 
  3. Finally!!!!! Ty for the effort at least
  4. What is signup style of new war?
    Create a team like ll? Or no clan like indi?
  5. No support, finish the zoma and loth/goth tiers
  6. Am i dreaming or is this a war update
  7. Super excited to see this!
  8. If just cast for new Ally war it's ok, or need to roster and get 30, ?
  9. Looks like an Indi war based on description.
  10. Please clarify what “temporary bonuses” are in Low Land. Is it spells and pots?
  11. No support, still need a hoarfrost eb.
  12. Will be an individual style sign up :)
  13. Yes
  14. How about the fix to see ebs in different clans also on pc not allowing me to link to ata
  15. Now just bring back adv wars so the strategy element to War can be relevant again
  16. They're working on it.
  17. Wow, finally! It's been a long time coming! No doubt seasoned and newer players are hoping this affords more players and the various types of builds to give it a go.
  18. I’m very pleased to see this as mentioned it’s been a long time coming and can’t wait to try it out :)