New War Rewards!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. I'm enjoying the drops on chests. They are frustrating but you can always sell them to one of the many people buying them for charms if you don't want to test your luck. It's a long term goal, not something people should fully get in a month.
  2. They are still dropping, so it is just bad luck to not get any after 3 wins. Hopefully you'll get some soon!
  3. The drop rates are definitely a lot better than that.
  4. are you really sure Chests are still dropping. Or am I even unluckier than before? Or something else??
  5. Upon sending feedback, i was informed that chests drops are not effected by war performance? Huh? Why in the world not? Is the idea to get more alts casted to get a random drop? Why would you not reward war performance in kingdoms at war? Smh
  6. This is because of how ps/Hansel don’t “contribute” much in iwar due to being sb bombed and getting only maybe a few assns off at start and xtal. If you are also lower CR as a tank and skimmed no chest even if you tanked. What about LL wars where you can be purposely targeted so you don’t get a chest? Or a tank vs ps1? Do you see why making it linked to performance is a bad idea.

  7. There are programming adaptations that can take these things into acct. Successful defensive actions should count. Meaningingful kos, xstals used, attempted actions even. Then multiply by a random number. But 100% random is lazy programing in a war game.
  8. My luck is not turning apparently. Care to comment Winston?
  9. Oh deep joy! That thrill as your about to open a 1 t chest!what will be in it? A nice shiny bit of eq? Something to make your enemies quake as they spy it!no oh no ! 5 aqua! The joy of spending 1 t on 5 aqua ! Devs at least give us a reason to open the dam chests please