New War Rewards!

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  1. 6boxes; 2equipments and AQUA only! Had to clear the monkey’s spamming.
  2. The farming of these chests has already begun , disable trading of them
  4. Vile looters last war
    400k plunder vs 310k plunder. 800cs vs 800cs bracket. People didnt even build past tutorials and they are warring that build for chest farming.
  6. Black fiends vs Red Rovers

    300k plunder vs 21mil plunder.

    2nd match up in this war of no stat alts chest farming.
  7. Do devs not learn from the past mistakes
  9. I'm so confused on the scintilla part! I bought the commander pack cuz I thought it was the new perm eq inside.. The pic was too small on my phone for me to be able to read anything except COMMANDER PACK ...whatever! I don't do wars really but even tho I wrote kaw asked pls exchange it for the $5 perm eq..they said NO ofc!  now I got 2 of the eqs but can't figure out how to hg them and I don't even WANT them... WHATEVER! PLS MAKE YUR ADS POPUPS EASIER TO READ ON PHONES 
  10. The design was made with trading intended. The equipment is supposed to be relatively easy to get to entice more players to war. It is a lot harder to complete a set, and even harder to upgrade a full set. Note that players can only upgrade equipment by getting Medal of the Four Jewels, which can only be obtained from either winning wars yourself or purchasing them in a daily promotional pack.
  11. This is not true.

    The design of them being tradeable is flawed and being exploited. The sooner you fix this the better it will be. Please, listen this time. Your guys didn't listen on trading charms and it was exploited and now you refuse to fix it because it's too far gone. Charms should've always just remained a personal showcase. So please, this once, be proactive and prevent the abuse!

    If you make these untradeable more people will try wars because they won't be able to trade for this exclusive equipment!
  13. Devs can you please add and option where I can hide or show my equipments, furnitures and charms in settings. Thank you so much if you do this. I play other game and we have this option. I think psychologically helps players to work on building equipments, charms and furnitures in Secret.
  14. Just thought as I mentioned had no response as I emailed design team.Why not have daily log in bonus? That would keep all active as the longer the streak the better reward you get. Also why not encourage new players who cast for war even if they lose they get lvl 1 ee. Once they see the difference in ee plunder bonus imsure they will consider warring again.
  15. Wow, Winston, I hope you don’t seriously believe that. Even the slightest potential for abusing KaW WILL be abused. It’s that simple. You haven’t even fixed the rampant cheating going on with charms and you roll out this new system. Completely unbelievable.

    Do you want a quick temporary fix? Retroactively cap promo charms and rewards at a max three of each until you find a palatable solution for all parties involved. You aren’t stopping trading but you are tempering excess.
  17. Lol big spender... A big spender of time doesn't count, keep farming all of your Alts MuPpEt_____IDD.
  18. I have won 3 wars on a row and got no chests? Have they stopped dropping?
  19. Chest or no chest no difference
    90% of the time 10 mith or 10 aqua drop from them; (
    Devs pls change drop rate from chests!!!
  20. It is so disappointing that such a good idea leads to so bad out outcome.