New War Rewards!

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  1. The issue with this is the change is way too late . Ty for giving us a band-Aid for an something that has been bleeding for 3 years.
  2. Fixing wars requires a lot more participation. For better matches and rosters. This hopefully attracts more warriors so we can all enjoy a good strategic win instead of the clan with "player A", or "player B" with all the charms/allies will win. Wars based on 1-2 players stinks when there's a player pool of 18-30 per tier, so we all fight with same players every war but mixed. And currently matched horribly.
  3. This equipment should be bought on stages. You can buy armour now then next event you can buy the next stage of armour and you morph the latest equipment from last event you bought. The stats will increase 60% on latest equipment. This will keep going each event so the pay to pay get more for their money spend. I’m a big spender and want to get this option
  4. I also add that there should be an option to hide your equipments/ charms/ furnitures so no one can see them. This way everyone can only keep guessing what you have. The haters will not have a chance to see what you have and cry in forum
  5. Still a reach and still doesn’t do anything for OSW players directly. But the devs will never do anything for those players so why even try. I mean, they will screw over OSW, but won’t do anything positive for it.

    With that I’m happy to see EE gets something.
    Hopefully the next EB event drops don’t make the we Drops worthless.
  6. Nice job. Good to see some initiative from the devs.
  7. War chest for sale. Taking offers .
  8. Just 2. One war, one original
  9. You can have multiples of the equipment, and then break it down into Scintilla and then get Augmenter pieces to upgrade the equipment.
  10. I love the new equipment i think all players and the war system would greatly benefit from adding a similar/slightly smaller eb bouns (if there is really going to be a pvp bonus that can lopside wars if they are applied,then apply eb bonus % as applicable) would insire more players too war more often, and that is hopefully the goal here .

    Thank you for the new feature and the new eb, im glad too see the work put in.
  11. Keys to open chest would of been nice for top 100 war PEPs maybe you can add them to top 100 thanks @ata Winston
  12. May not do anything for osw players directly, unless they can use the % pvp plunder bonus that may show on some equipment along with its stats.

  13. Fix this before this gets exploited, make the chests non tradable, pretty please. Ty
  14. The thing about this. Is that. With how the war system is like. A person without certain stats or equipment/allies wouldn’t even have a chance at any of this

    So basically you’re dividing the player base like a lot of big game developers are trying not to do. Along with most developers are trying to avoid pay to win. As it’s not long term
  15. My experience so far:

    5 dlls spent
    45 silver bars really?
    1 helmet , seems will be difficult to upgrade $$

    Drop Rate seems to low for this premium box

    I would of expect something different or at least more silver bars or aqua/Inferno/build tokens
  16. I agree with this. If the boxes are already supposed to be more challenging to get, I would love to see at least a decently high drop rate on equip and upgrade material. It sucks to get the top chest and get a few silver bars.
  17. Since this came out,I’m not getting daily that mean we have to buy war starter pack before we see daily sales again?
  18. Yes always buy daily special thank you
  19. Purchased n got material n aqua/inferno. Waste of my money. Looks like I'll be warring more often. Free to win/get. Just gotta war noobs
  20. The Chest of the Sovereign has a really high drop rate to be honest. The chance of getting equipment or augmenter pieces is ~80%.